Build a Business Around Your Life

Picture the lifestyle you want.

No, not the one you think is SAFE to want, not that one.

The one you REALLY want.

The life where you never have anything on your schedule you don’t want there.
The life where you’re never too busy to go on field trips at school with your kids.
The life where you choose every person you work with, based on the joy it will bring you.
The life where you take a day off when you want.
The life where you be, do and have whatever YOU want.

Man oh man wouldn’t that be nice?

Maybe you’re working a job right now you hate (been there) or you’re running a service business that’s running you ragged (done that) or maybe you’re even a successful information product selling but you’re just so overwhelmed with work you never even get time to THINK about what you want (felt that, too)…

If so it’s time to really step back and do this:

Build Your Business Around Your LIFE (or the life you want). 

And you also need to do this:

STOP Building Your Life Around Your Business! 

See this picture below?

It’s one of my favorite working moments of this past summer. I took the day as a journalling me-day at a lavender field location. It was heavenly! I worked and enjoyed and ate lavender potato salad, relaxed in the scent and reveled in the blessing of owning a true lifestyle business that allowed for such a day. THIS is becoming a yearly event fo rme.

There are far too many options out there for you to be doing anything that doesn’t bring you joy and shines your brightest light and talents for all to see.

We do our BEST work when we’re in complete alignment with who we are and what we want out of this world. You know that you don’t have to just live this life, right? You know that you can CREATE it? Create whatever you want.  If you don’t create what you want, the world will create it for you and then you’re very likely to end up with things you don’t want.


No matter what you decide I want you to know that you absolutely CAN create a business that gives you total lifestyle flexibility and freedom, a true Laptop Lifestyle!

And so, in this message, I’d like to give you some ACTION STEPS to make this happen, and then I’d like to invite you to move further along with ME as you grow your true lifestyle business.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”Action Steps to a Laptop Lifestyle”]

  1. REMOVE all distractions – This has been the absolute hardest step for me. I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit “networking” when networking really means “getting lost in peoples ideas, opinions and conversations”. That is NOT real business productivity… it’s time wasting a the highest level.
  2. Get super clear on your skills, mission and purpose – I know this is easier said than done but if you keep a keen eye out for what you do best and who you serve best and why you are compelled to serve in this way, it will be a very effective method towards your success.
  3. LEVERAGE your time – Get away from believing you need to be paid hourly (even if you are being paid that way) and find a way to leverage every single moment in your business. Practical applications of this step would be to systemize, organize, declutter and optimize (conversions, conversations, etc) so you get the highest quality return on your time invested.


To help you with step one I invite you to join the 30 Day Distraction Challenge. It’s an effective and easy way to clear up distractions and pave the way for your ultimate productivity… oh and it’s free! 🙂



p.s. The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is EXACTLY for the kind of people who want a total, complete Lifestyle Business. You can do this, you really can and you just might need a little (or a lot) of support to get you there. That’s what the club is for!  Details here.

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