Lessons Learned From My Branding Update

In early December I started working on a branding update as I started working on the content for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club this month, the Boost Your Brand Challenge.

As I reflect on the update I realized that I have learned a lot from this focus and that I still have MUCH to learn.

Today I sat in on a Lunch & Learn Meeting at Brand Ambition here in my area. I am just so drawn in by this company and their beautiful branding. One of my big takeaways from today was that it’s not good enough for me to have good branding, I need to get consistent in other ways, too. That leads me to Lesson 1…

Lesson 1: Consistency Starts With Your Brand, But That’s Not All

It’s GREAT to have a consistent look in your branding. Your brand colors, your images on point, your fonts always matching. But that’s not enough. You need to have a consistency of messages, consistency of content creation, consistency in the quality you represent for your brand.

I’ll be starting with my Instagram account and getting much more purposeful and consistent with my messages. I’m also going to be going much higher quality on the look and feel of the images I share there.

Lesson 2: A Great Brand Comes From You, From Knowing Who You Serve Best

My Boost Your Brand Challenge Task #1 is a lesson in targeting your people. You have to know who you’re talking to or you just can’t draw the kind of passion and energy from yourself to attract people that match that! People you want to work with. Awesome clients who are literally your Dream Clients are just waiting for you to call them out. If you don’t, you’ll keep getting random people who just aren’t the right match. Know you. Know your people. Get it out there and watch what happens.

Lesson 3: EVERYTHING Gets Easier When You Know Your Brand

This one surprised me the most!

Creating a presentation was so much quicker, because I knew my brand.
Designing new covers for my products was faster than normal, because I knew my brand.
Writing and formatting a salespage was done in record time, because I knew my brand.
Picking out images for my projects because super clear and easier, because I knew my brand.

When you know what you represent you can get there through every task you do with so much less friction than you can without a true brand understanding.

I’m now a 100% true and true believer in the power of the brand, no matter the size of your business. I’m running a work from home business but that doesn’t mean I can’t be small, but mighty!

We ALL know that people make decisions quick, they make them based on what info they have and in many cases that’s very little. Since we can’t predict, judge or decide which pieces of content people see of ours first we better made well and good that ALL our content, images and material is ON BRAND, ON POINT and ON TARGET (target market that is).

I’m going to suggest you snap up my Boost Your Brand Challenge. I truly believe this could be one of the most important challenges I’ve done for my business customers AND it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at. You can be a complete beginner to a total novice (like me) and get a ton of value out of this challenge plus training.

You’ll also receive content rights (PLR) to the entire challenge. That includes the challenge content, the graphics and the salespage content for you to recreate your own challenge on branding quickly and easily.

Grab the Challenge Here

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned From My Branding Update”

  1. After doing the challenge in the Club, I fully agree with what you wrote. Especially #3 on how much easier it’s become in just the last week since doing the challenge. I’ve struggled a little bit on what direction I needed to go this year after some not so great launches.

    The 10 day challenge set up exactly what I want to do for my market. My social media images will be easier with the work I quickly put in during the challenge and I created a couple of different templates so things look a little different even if I don’t use a photo as a background.

    NO JOKE, this quick 10 day challenge has been a game changer and I’m super excited. Thank you for sharing Angela!

    1. Thank you so much, Val for being the biggest cheerleader of this challenge, Val! There are moments when you’re growing a business that really are those turning points that you remember and it sounds like this is one of those for you. I’m honored to have been a small part of that process.

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