Branding Yourself Online Creates Confidence & Trust...

Attract your BEST customers with an easy to implement personal branding!

Hello! Welcome! I’m Angela Wills of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and I believe in keeping things simple. 

For years I ignored personal branding because it felt too corporate and complicated for my small, home-based business. I didn’t have a personal branding strategy. Ha! I had a mish-mash of things I did. 

Earlier this year I hosted a challenge called the BOOST Your Brand Challenge. It was all about putting the pieces of a brand together (like the graphics, the social media covers, etc) and it was awesome. If you didn’t see it connect with me and I’ll hook you up. But this isn’t about that. 

What I want to talk about now is a how to brand yourself into your business. If you’re like most of us, and like me, you ARE your brand. That’s actually a really good thing. There is only one you in this entire world and if you do personal branding well, nobody at all can compete with you! 

When you get to work branding yourself online a few things will happen:

  • Your fans will come for you. Too many people think that people care about your products or your content or your services. I don’t know about you but when I buy, I buy people (in a totally ethical way). When I hire, I hire people. I’m so much more in learning from YOU than I am in learning tactics, strategies or advice… that’s boring and not usually that helpful. 
  • Your marketing will get 10x easier. I made up that multiplication factor but marketing and editing and everything gets so much easier when you are just INSIDE your brand. You speak from the heart, you put all fakeness aside and you just BE YOU and get paid to create offers from your authentic self. It’s a very beautiful thing. 
  • Your message gets louder. Confidence comes from within and you can be a shy person (like me) with a BOLD, BRAVE & LOUD message. When you are your brand, when you are branding yourself, you can speak a great message and it get heard because people know how real it is…. it is just sensed when it comes to authentic voices. 

I’m so ready this challenge. I know you are working too hard. Isn’t it time to work LESS? 

Introducing the Brand Yourself Challenge

The Brand Yourself Challenge is a challenge for anyone who has a digital business and want to get an unbeatable advantage to creating relationships and sales. You are going to create a rock-solid confidence in your offers and what you do by backing them up with something no one else has – YOU. 

This challenge is for those online business owners who normally wouldn’t worry about branding because they think it may not be important. I’m talking about Virtual Assistants, Coaches, Product Creators, DIYers and those of us who really just do great work and are now into doing much “showcasing” or “showing off” even. We are going to get you totally comfortable with showing who you ARE and why you’re so valuable to your business and the things you create. 

You’re never going to brand yourself to take away from others, you’re going to do personal branding to show the value of YOU and what you bring to your business! 

In this month’s challenge there are the exact fast-action steps you’ll be taking:

Week 1:

  1. Take a Look Inside, so that people can know, like & trust you.
  2. Take a Look Outside, so that you know exactly who you’re speaking to.
  3. Identify Your Strength, so that people can see your value.
  4. Identify Your Story, so that people can relate and FEEL a connection. 
  5. Define Your Style, so you can be recognized instantly.

Week 2

  1. Brand Yourself on your Website
  2. Brand Yourself in your Emails
  3. Brand Yourself on Facebook
  4. Brand Yourself on Instagram
  5. Brand Yourself on Twitter


Why Brand Yourself?

There are a lot of great reasons to take some time to brand yourself: 

  1. You’ll create true fans – I mentioned this above but I want to stress it again because it’s important to know the benefit of true fans versus “customers”. If someone is buying for price, pure content or some other duplicatable reason they can be gone in a heartbeat. True fans stick around and buy all your stuff, because they love YOU.
  2. You’ll avoid the need to be perfect – Perfect is an impossible standard. Be good, be great, have super high standards but don’t even TRY to be perfect. The great news is, when you brand you then people have a FACE for your business and they’ll love you for being real, flaws and all. They’ll be totally OK with you if you’re not totally perfect. 
  3. You’ll be naturally more organized – Things just get messy when you have no pattern and you don’t know where they go. Now, with personal branding you’ll know if something fits your brand or not. It will come on into your business or it will go away. Since doing my own branding myself I’m happy to say the hot mess is gone and the organization is happening… and my customers notice! They tell me so regularly. 


ONLY $27

Here’s What You Get:

  • Challenge Guide  Instant Download (pdf)
  • Challenge Pre-Recorded Training (mp4)

Bottom Line: Taking action to brand yourself online is well worth the effort, it’s not just for bigger business and it gives you a completely unfair advantage that no one can shake. I’d say that’s a powerful few reasons to join us in this challenge!  You can do this. Let’s get to it.

Talk soon

Angela Wills,
Owner & Founder of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club