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Boost Your Brand Challenge

Hi there... Angela Wills here from the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

Branding. It can feel tricky, at first. I know... I've been there. 

When you're not clear on your brand it shows. You'll have graphics that send mixed signals, colours that slightly change over time and an overall "bohemian" kind of look. 

Of course! You can still provide great value and serve your market.
Of course! You know what you're doing even when your brand isn't sending that message.
Of course! You have results to prove you're the person to go to for the offers you make.

But... new people won't see past your mismatch brand, unfortunately. 

So it's time to spend a little time on branding. Not a lot (unless you get so excited by the results you WANT to). I'm talking about less than an hour a day for ten days to BOOST Your Brand! 

Can you do it. Of course you can and the Boost Your Brand Challenge is just the challenge for you! 

With a beautifully communicated brand message you'll be able to:

  • Connect with your perfect-match clients. They'll be "called in" by the brand you represent.
  • Share your important message. More people will HEAR your message because less people will turn away. 
  • Work faster and better. You'll be amazed at how fast marketing pieces come together when you are super clear on your brand, how it looks and have the pieces lined up and ready to go.

Introducing the Boost Your Brand Challenge!

The Boost Your Brand Challenge is the challenge of the month for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. This month we are focusing on creating such consistency in your business that people have NO CHOICE but to take notice. Consistency of branding and message shows your confidence and your competence! 

In this month's challenge there are the exact fast-action steps you'll be taking:

  • Day 1: Complete Your Brand Profile
  • Day 2: Create a Branding Board (fonts, colours, imagery, background)
  • Day 3: Brand-Match Your Social Media
  • Day 4: Created Branded Social Graphics
  • Day 5: Blog Post Graphics Template Creation
  • Day 6: Brand Message Based Content
  • Day 7: Images That Brand You
  • Day 8: Create Your Brand Email Template & Plan
  • Day 9: Brand Wording
  • Day 10: Plan 30 Days of Brand Messaging - Minimum!

Join the Challenge, and the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and you'll get access to a whole lot more than 10 days of fast-action tasks to grow your brand. You'll be joining one of the best memberships for accountability, support and training online that focuses on creating your Laptop Lifestyle. As part of your membership, you'll get:

  • The Boost Your Brand Challenge Guide - Giving you info on how to prep for the challenge, the action-tasks to take, checklists to complete and resources to help you do the best job!
  • The Boost Your Brand Live (& Recorded Training) - Happening on Monday, January 8th at 3pm ET. In this live training I'll be showing you how I make templates using easy to use online graphics tools to make fast-work of branding graphics. I'll show you how I make content fast and spread it far to boost my brand. I'll give you insider tips and advice you won't find in my free stuff. Detailed and useful, you'll get what you need to complete this challenge. 
  • Accountability for the Challenge & Beyond - You'll get challenge accountability AND for your business. In the club we are posting our daily accountability for our own businesses as well as for the challenge. Members are loving it and you will, too! 
  • Weekly Meetings - After our one live training session on Monday we will have weekly Monday meetings to check in, learn new things, get questions answered and more. No more going it alone! You'll have a built-in support group to grow your business with.
  • Active, Supportive Online Group - You can touch base every day in our active group and get what I like to call "coaching in the comments" from me. I don't give you a one-sentence answer! I go deep to understand what you're asking and give you REAL ANSWERS that help you move forward. That really matters to me. 

Your website, social media and marketing message need to be clear, concise and consistent. If they're not you're very likely to be missing out on some of the best clients and customers you'll ever work with. Now's the time to do something about that, and that something is to Boost Your Brand! 

Join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club now to take the challenge. We start on Monday, January 8th. 

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Talk soon

Angela Wills,
Owner & Founder of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club