Call In Your Perfect-Match Clients with a
Brand Message that’s Crystal Clear!


A few questions for you:

How’s your business branding? Is it clear? Are you clear? Do you know what message your marketing is sending to your prospective clients and customers?

When you’re not clear on your brand it shows. You’ll have graphics that send mixed signals, colors that slightly change over time and an overall “bohemian” kind of look.

Of course! You can still provide great value and serve your market.Of course! You know what you’re doing even when your brand isn’t sending that message.Of course! You have results to prove you’re the person to go to for the offers you make.

But… new people won’t see past your mismatch brand, unfortunately.

It’s time to spend a little time on branding. Not a lot (unless you get so excited by the results you WANT to). I’m talking about less than an hour a day for ten days to BOOST Your Brand!

Can you do it. Of course you can and the Boost Your Brand Challenge is just the challenge for you!

With a beautifully communicated brand message you’ll be able to:

  • Connect with your perfect-match clients. They’ll be “called in” by the brand you represent.
  • Share your important message. More people will HEAR your message because less people will turn away.
  • Work faster and better. You’ll be amazed at how fast marketing pieces come together when you are super clear on your brand, how it looks and have the pieces lined up and ready to go.

Introducing the Boost Your Brand Challenge

The Boost Your Brand Challenge is the challenge of the month for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

This month we are focusing on creating such consistency in your business that people have NO CHOICE but to take notice. Consistency of branding and message shows your confidence and your competence! 

In this month’s challenge there are the exact fast-action steps you’ll be taking:

  • Day 1: Complete Your Brand Profile
  • Day 2: Create a Branding Board (fonts, colours, imagery, background)
  • Day 3: Brand-Match Your Social Media
  • Day 4: Created Branded Social Graphics
  • Day 5: Blog Post Graphics Template Creation
  • Day 6: Brand Message Based Content
  • Day 7: Images That Brand You
  • Day 8: Create Your Brand Email Template & Plan
  • Day 9: Brand Wording
  • Day 10: Plan 30 Days of Brand Messaging – Minimum!

What’s Included in the Challenge…

Boost Your Brand Challenge Guide

A complete challenge guide. Download immediately and get to work!

Note: This challenge is part of the January Laptop Lifestyle Business Club offering. If you join the club before Feb. 5th you will get the challenge, facebook accountability, additional personalized help and so much more. Or, you can purchase the one-time download without membership… you’re choice!

Boost Your Brand Live Training Recording

I held a live training for my membership and have recorded it and bundled it in with your download. You can watch this training on demand and use it to get the background and advice on the tasks you’re assigned during the challenge.

Why Boost Your Brand?

There are a lot of great reasons to take some time to focus on giving your brand the attention it deserves. Here are a few:

  1. A consistent brand builds trust – The more people trust you the more subscribers and customers you’ll gain. There is a comfort you’re audience will feel when they know what to expect from you and a great convert you’ll feel when you are confident in the brand you are presenting.
  2. You’ll SPEAK to your dream clients – When you get clear on your brand, you really get clear on your entire business. When you do that, you’ll start to speak directly to the people who you’ll LOVE to work with!
  3. You’ll work faster – An added bonus of knowing your brand to a T is that you can do stuff FAST. No more confusion over how to create a salespage (backgrounds, fonts, images are all pre-determined based on brand). No more struggling over hours to create eCovers (whip up a template and use it to create quick product representation). No more wondering what to write about (your content will be based on the brand you’ve determined).

This Challenge is Tested, Proven & Ready to Go

Here’s a post from the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, where one of my members took it upon herself to make sure everyone took this “game-changer” challenge, as she called it!

I’ve also done the work myself! If you’ve known me for some time you might have noticed that over the last month or so my branding has had its own update. That’s on purpose, of course. I worked through the tasks myself and created my own re-brand BEFORE I released the content. You can see the results in most everything I do lately. One of my FAVORITE parts of the challenge was the branding board which was actually surprisingly EASY to create (I show you how in the challenge training).

Here’s my board:

This is not “theory content”. It’s proven, tested and getting results. You are not taking any risk or worry in the quality of this content.

Now it’s just a matter of answering the question: “Are you ready to call in the people you would really LOVE to work with and stop working with the ones you don’t?”

ONLY $27

Here’s What You Get:

  • Challenge Guide (pdf)
  • Challenge Pre-Recorded Training (mp4)
  • Challenge Content Rights (PLR – various formats)

Your website, social media and marketing message need to be clear, concise and consistent. If they’re not you’re very likely to be missing out on some of the best clients and customers you’ll ever work with. Now’s the time to do something about that, and that something is to Boost Your Brand!

Talk soon

Angela Wills,Owner & Founder of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club