Blogging it out…

Like many entrepreneurs, I have a busy mind. A VERY busy mind.

I get excited about a lot of things in business and I could talk about it all freaking day long.

BUT… random talking does not a business make so I have to “quiet my mind” and get to work at times. I work things out by writing them out. When I can get the things in my head out into a typewritten font they suddenly seem a LOT clearer and I can make sense of it.

This works so well that when I’m emailing my coach asking her for advice and help I often end up working through my own issue within the very email, lol!

It’s one of the reasons I think I’ve always been so DRAWN to blogging. I’ve had this secret desire to be a great blogger, all these years. I have friends who blog every single day and make a great living doing it. I never seemed to really give myself permission to fully go for it with blogging.

About a year or two ago I started blogging almost daily. It came about because someone asked me what I WISHED I was doing more of and my answer had been “blogging”. She said “well why don’t you blog more”. I had absolutely no answer to that and no reason not to blog so I started doing it more.

Lately, though, I’ve slacked off again and I don’t like it! Not one bit!

So… I’m back at it. Blogging away.

Blogging it out.

If you’ve ever seen Grey’s Anatomy you’ll know that they “dance it out”. Well this is the internet marketing version. We’re going to “blog it out”.

Now I’m not saying blogging should be random, or pointless. Nope. You should always have a point, a goal, an objective. But I do think blogging can be therapeutic, creative, inventive, useful and a great peek into the real personality and mind of the blogger. I love that. I love that the bloggers I’ve read over the years have bared their souls and shared their minds with me in a way you can’t really get

I love that the bloggers I’ve read over the years have bared their souls and shared their minds with me in a way you can’t really get even from person to person conversations unless it’s someone really close and you spend a lot of time with them.

Blogging… it’s a way to REALLY connect.

To think of the things I’ve bought from bloggers it’s a lot. It’s because the connection and the trust you get from consistently creating content that shows who you are is kinda hard to beat, even with a Facebook Live 😉

Now I love LOTS of marketing methods. I’m not going to suddenly shun the others. But this post is here to tell you I’ll be from now forward “blogging it out” and I want to know if you’d like to join me?

Say yes and and let’s go deep diving into this blogging thing by doing my October Challenge together in the club.

I’m aptly naming my October Challenge the Blogging It Out Challenge and I will be excited to share with you a daily blog-prompt to get you growing your business and blogging great content for your peeps.

My challenges are 10-days long. That’s long enough to make a great impact but short enough that you can get them DONE.

I don’t even have the salespage ready but it will be up soon. I’ll link to it in the challenge section of this page in the next few days. In the meantime, as always, if you join the group before the end of the month you’re going to get in on this month’s challenge and then when the new month arrives you’ll ALSO get that one… so you’ll end up with two challenges before you have to make your second membership payment. Heck of a deal if you ask me!

Can’t wait to connect with you more through this blog and anywhere you find me.

So tell me… will you be “Blogging It Out”?


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