The “Mother” of all reasons to Work at Home

I like to say I had the “Mother” of all reasons for starting my own business.

It was, basically, to be a stay at home/work at home mom.

I had ZERO idea at the time how much of a challenge that really was. My son was just four months old when I decided I would NOT be returning to work after a year-long maternity leave and I would be growing my own business selling bath and body items including handmade soaps, instead.

My first eCommerce site, Rainkissed, was built that same year. I got my first sales online and I was HOOKED on this thing called online marketing!

I became obsessed with the idea of having complete and total lifestyle freedom so that I could be there with and for my children whenever and however I wanted/they needed.

Over the years I tried MANY businesses and I also ended up back at a JOB from about 2004-2007.

I clearly remember one incident that was a “pivotal moment” for me, a moment where I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to figure out a way to be a full-time, successful entrepreneur.

My son was in school and about to have his first Christmas concert. Now in a mom’s eyes that is a DO NOT MISS event in a child’s life. Working the afternoon shift I was scheduled to work and I asked my boss if I could have it off. He said it was up to my co-worker. This co-worker wasn’t the type to just be kind if she didn’t feel like it so my heart SANK as I went off to ask her if she’d work for me. Luckily she said YES but I was NEVER leaving it to luck again, I promised myself.

On May 24th, 2007 I walked away from that job and I NEVER looked back!

THAT is why I’m so passionate about this lifestyle. I worked for it. I tolled for it. I created it and I damn well appreciate it!

YOU can do this Mammas! You are capable, brilliant, useful, resourceful and sure as hell you can earn a great living doing what you love!

I’m here for you, be it in my monthly, awesome-sauce membership, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club or in the upcoming totally free Telesummit or in whatever other way I can be. I want to help hundreds and then thousands of other moms, women, and anyone live the awesome that is the Laptop Lifestyle.

xo  Angela

Club awesome-sauce details are here:

This is How I Want to Help You…

I think it’s been a while since I really shared what it is I do with you.

Here’s my “mission statement”:

I help women business owners use both active and passive online marketing methods to create true lifestyle and business freedom.

To me the Laptop Lifestyle isn’t about beaches and conferences (though I love those too), it’s about the day to day.

Like this week when I had two things come up to throw a wrench in my workday and I was able to just quickly adjust and move on… no bosses or begging or guilt involved!

Or like in between daycare days when I pop into the Mall with my Ella-girl to buy some Bath & Body works foamy soaps we love.

Or, it means I’ve been available for my son all these years from volunteering at his school in the early years to driving him to snowboard with his friends during March break.
I’m going to explain a bit more about the practical side of what I do for you today.

First, you have to know it’s on my heart to do this. I mean I REALLY care. Matter of fact I truly believe that the more people I can help do this online business thing, the better the world will be.

People who have real lifestyle freedom are happy freedom.

They make choices based out of joy and not a necessity, they are able to help more people, they’re not controlled by their jobs and instead they have complete control over their lives, activities, and happiness. How can that NOT make the world better? And how can I NOT feel incredible about having even the smallest part in having another person out there doing just that?

Practical Application of the Active & Passive Methods:

Ok so you know what I do, but how does that apply to YOUR Business? How do I actually help you?

I teach from where I’m at.

You may have read some of my posts or emails from last year where I shared in August that I hit my first $10k month. I am by no means a big guru or millionaire business owner. I think that makes me pretty unique in the fact that I KNOW where you are or where you’re about to go.

I’ve been 10 years in this business and by no stretch of the imagination am an overnight success. I am REAL, people tell me this all the time. I share from what I know, from where I’ve been and from where I’m going. I have had a few more $10k months since and right now am working towards a six figure income. It may not happen THIS YEAR, but it will happen and you can be sure I’ll be sharing every bit of important, inspring and motivating info about that that I have with you.

In a practical sense, that means you get this kind of info from me in my monthly Insider’s Reports, in my webinars, in my groups and more.

I create community.

In my Facebook group is where some magic happens. I’ve seen many of my member’s friend request other members to support each other, join each other’s business groups, share links and also become accountability partners.

I created this environment of support and caring and then my members just ran with it. I LOVE our facebook group and the many questions, comments, shares and inspiring posts that happen there.

I provide support, encouragement and motivation.

Sometimes you just need to know there’s someone in your corner. You can be SURE that’s me when you join my community. I don’t care how stubborn your mindset blocks are (mine were too), or how many “life things” get in your way (I had that happen until I figured a better way), or how many technology bits you’re feeling stuck on.

However, I DO care that you take action, that you put on your big girl panties and GET IT DONE and that you stay accountable to your actions. I care that you treat your business like a business, that you SEEK PROFITS and don’t flit around telling me you are “branding”, “building your website” or “getting ready” for the next six months, year or more!

I will support and gently push. Then I’ll push HARDER if you need it. Because I care about your feelings but I also know if you know my intention is pure then you’ll accept some “tough love” from me as well.

I want you to succeed. 100%. I NEVER believe my making money is more important that that and I absolutely believe I can create a thriving business and you can have huge success, all together in one harmonious, awesome bundle.

And that’s why I keep inviting you to join my club. I think it will be one of the most awesome things you ever do for your business if you let it be. If you sign up, take it in its full glory and use all the things I provide to you to grow your business.

I can’t wait to welcome you!
Talk soon,
Angela Wills

p.s. You can get my one-year membership to the VIP Level of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club for 40% off only until Friday at midnight. I think it’s absolutely worth the $97 per month but you’ll get it for ONLY $49 per month if you pay for the entire year at once.

Have I Ever Told You “my story”?

I’ve been doing quite a few interviews over the past couple of weeks.

First of all, I LOVE it! Someone tell me why I haven’t been doing this my entire online marketing career, will you? Seriously the interviews were like me chatting with friends and there’s nothing more enjoyable than a good chat with a friend.

Here are some of the people who’ve interviewed me recently:

In almost every interview I’ve gotten some form of the question: “So how did you get started?”

It really got me thinking back to my early days in business.

This year marks ten years since I quit my job to work full-time from home as my sole source of income. At the time that I quit I was a single mom, living in my parent’s basement apartment, working an afternoon shift at a factory.

I didn’t know a lot about business.  I had a terrible track record with jumping around trying to figure things out and not really getting ANY traction (unless you count building debt… I was getting good at that.. eeks).

One thing I knew was that I was beyond DETERMINED to have true freedom for my life.

I had decided when my son was four months old, in 2002, that I wanted to start my own business so that I could be home with my son instead of having to go back to work after a year and leave him for about 10 hours a day, every day, Monday to Friday. That just did not work for me! I was dreading it, even though I had about eight months left on Canadian maternity leave.

So I started my first business when my son was just four months old. I partnered with my dad and we started a business we called Rainkissed. We made handmade soaps, bath balms, lip balms and other bath and body products.

This is the business where I learned my first stages of e-commerce, shopping carts, list building and so many other marketing methods I STILL use today.  It was where I learned how to build a website that makes sales (and it was so THRILLING when sales started coming in from all around Canada and the United States!).

I had actually learned to build my first website in HTML back in 1999, for fun! A college friend passed me this sheet of HTML code and told me to go to Yahoo Geocities, get a free account and pop that code in. Voila! I had a very, very basic website that I then learned how to code, one little bit at a time, into a pretty cool website. I had a hobby site for the beaded jewelry creations I used to make at the time and I’ll never forget throwing a bunch of beads on a scanner bed and making the first website background image I ever used and coded all by myself.

Yes… I have a long history of being on the internet! I have ALWAYS been fascinated by the internet and the ability to connect with people anywhere in the world. It drives my business still to this day and serves me very well because I always remember my customers are people, not statistics.

So, back to how I got from there to here:

After starting the soapmaking business I kept at that for a few years. I struggled to get it into any kind of profitable situation with that business and eventually started trying new things. Then, I decided I couldn’t live with the lack of income my businesses were bringing in, my parents also had many “sit-downs” to tell me the same (and the debt I’d rung up was not going away) so I decided to go get a job.

By this time my son was around 3 years old.

I ended up at an automotive factory for an afternoon shift job even though I had a degree in Chemical Engineering Technology – Environmental. I took the job because it was close to home and at least cut off the daily three-hour commute to jobs in my field.

In 2006 I started a Virtual Assistant business. It was the FIRST business I had started where I saw an immediate profit. I was so thrilled to quit nine months later and walk off that factory lot for good.

That wasn’t it, though. I walked away from one thing I hated, right into a bit of a nightmare I’d created for myself.

Instead of one boss, I now had about 15!
I had NO business boundaries as I was just so excited to have a business.
I had not worked in any kind of lifestyle freedom and was working my butt off, day and night.
I had created a situation that was completely OPPOSITE to what I had wanted.

I had achieved my big dream: quitting my job to work from home BUT I didn’t know that wasn’t the whole thing until I was neck deep in it.

So I had to make changes. I had to work at creating the true lifestyle business freedom I wanted.

And I did!

Over the years I got smarter with taking on the right clients. I filtered and qualified until I worked with people I completely loved.

Over the years I raised my rates so I was earning more and more and getting leverage.

Over the years I started creating products so I could create more leverage by not always working dollars for hours.

And all that progress, all that working towards goals I didn’t even know I had at first, got me here.

To the point where I have complete and total lifestyle freedom.

I work when, where and how I want.
I work on only projects of my choosing.
I take time off whenever I want it.
I spend my time on things that bring me JOY and serve my people.

It’s the true Laptop Lifestyle and I don’t just do this to “get rich quick”…. hahahahaha! Did you just read my story? Right? Would it even be WORTH all that for a few quick bucks? I think if money was my only motivator I would have given up long, long, long ago!


My passion runs deep.
My need to help rings true.
My story is my mission.

I got to where I am because I went through what I did.

I run my own membership group because I want to provide the same support that got me through all those times where I had no fricking clue what I was doing! But also through the times when I DID know what I was doing and just needed to tweak things to make them better. I’m here to help those who are getting started and who are on their way, and just really know they deserve that complete freedom that you can totally have with this kind of business!

THAT is my passion. It’s my mission. It’s my goal every time I do an interview, write an email or create a piece of content.

The members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club have my biggest support and encouragement to do this thing! It’s not always pretty, it’s not always easy and it’s not always fun, even… but as a community, we do this together. I hope you’ll join us and create your total freedom like I did. We’re here when you’re ready


Build a Business Around Your Life

Picture the lifestyle you want.

No, not the one you think is SAFE to want, not that one. The one you REALLY want.

The life where you never have anything on your schedule you don’t want there.
The life where you’re never too busy to go on field trips at school with your kids.
The life where you choose every person you work with, based on the joy it will bring you.
The life where you take a day off when you want.
The life where you be, do and have whatever YOU want.

Man oh man wouldn’t that be nice?

Maybe you’re working a job right now you hate (been there) or you’re running a service business that’s running you ragged (done that) or maybe you’re even a successful information product selling but you’re just so overwhelmed with work you never even get time to THINK about what you want (felt that, too)…

If so it’s time to really step back and do this:

<em>Build Your Business Around Your LIFE (or the life you want). </em>

And you also need to do this:

<em>STOP Building Your Life Around Your Business! </em>

There are far too many options out there for you to be doing anything that doesn’t bring you joy and shines your brightest light and talents for all to see.

We do our BEST work when we’re in complete alignment with who we are and what we want out of this world. You know that you don’t have to just live this life, right? You know that you can CREATE it? Create whatever you want.  If you don’t create what you want, the world will create it for you and then  you’re very likely to end up with things you don’t want.

I’ve just made a pretty tough decision that I know is going to upset a few people, but I had to do it because it is what’s right for me and it’s how I’m going to make the biggest and best impact with my life and business.

I’ve decided to step back from my Protege Program and the one on one coaching I was doing there.

Starting now it will no longer be an option to hire me as your business coach through that program. I’m shutting it down (for now, possibly permanent) to focus on where the biggest part of my heart is… in my membership, the <a href=””>Laptop Lifestyle Business Club</a>

I know this is just the right move for me.

Now, instead of hiring me for $300/month, your only option for individualize attention would be to take a coaching program I offer OR to join the VIP Level of the <a href=””>Laptop Lifestyle Business Club</a>. At the VIP level you will get the membership, a library of past training and access to ALL future coaching programs while you remain a member.

You’re going to get community, training, support, accountability and more. It really is a home base for you as you turn your current growing business into a business that bends to the whims of your life.. there’s nothing like it!

As you grow you business I’d love to be there with you, offering the same kind of support and advice I once received from amazing mentors who helped me business my own business.

If you have any questions let me know.

No matter what you decide I want you to know that you absolutely CAN create a business that gives you total lifestyle flexibility and freedom, a true Laptop Lifestyle!

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p.s. This month’s topic for the LLBC is Memberships Made Easy. I’m going to be sharing with you how I launched and run my own membership site. I’ll be giving you EASY ways to get up and going, quickly. You can get just the Insider’s Report for only $10 each month.  AND if you join before I remove it you can also get February’s report on Writing Emails, Naturally.  <strong><a href=”http://LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club”>Details here</a>.</strong>