How to Make Money Working from Home, Fast

Here’s my problem with goals.

You set your goal and make it for “in the future”.

You start working on the now stuff…

  • Setting up your website.
  • Getting your brand just right.
  • Creating emails to load into your automated system.
  • Posting randomly on social media to build your “audience”.

All in the name of that FUTURE goal.

Now do not get me wrong here. GOALS are awesome, necessary and done by far too little of the business population.

But you know what’s even rarer than goals in the online business market?

Pursued DAILY action towards income.

I’m talking about daily tasks that make you money. Not a once a week offer. Not a once a day offer. Setting a large portion of your day to doing things you know will DIRECTLY make you money.

These kinds of tasks include:

  • Emailing a potential client to say “hey I thought this would be perfect for YOU” (because you’ve been paying attention and it WOULD be perfect for them).
  • Sending an email to your list with an offer they’ll love and a call to action that clearly states in some form to “buy this now”.
  • Connecting with someone of influence and asking them to send a message to their people about YOU and what you have to offer (they may not do it that day, but if they do it you’ll earn income if picked correctly).

No you can’t just….

  • wow people with your blog content and wait for them to ask what you sell
  • write inspiring emails with no call to action and expect people to give you money
  • build a massive facebook group while never making a single offer and expecting the money will eventually show up

It just won’t work that way!


You know what stalls most people? They think they have to have EVERYTHING in this mystical, magical, elusive order before they can sell anything.

If they don’t have an email list, they think they need that FIRST.
If they don’t have a website, they think that needs to be DONE.
If they don’t have a shopping cart, they think they can’t possibly sell YET.
If they don’t have a massive following, they think they’re not READY.

All LIES. Lies you tell yourself!

Here is the absolute bare minimum you need to sell online, fast, TODAY:

An offer and a PayPal link.

Here’s the step by step to do it:

  1. Think of an offer.
  2. Set up a PayPal link.
  3. Bonus Step: Tell someone to buy it!

Seriously it can be THAT easy. Don’t make it overly complicated. Don’t confuse yourself. Add the bells and the whistles LATER… after you feel confident that you CAN sell.

Are we clear here?

No more doing “stuff” every day just because someone told you to!
No more waiting for people to realize how awesome you are, tell them!
No more expecting people will find your site, get excited about your blah salespage and give you money!

NO, NO, No, NO, No More of that!

It’s time for YOU to be your own superhero.

Step up and get creative.

Nobody is going to give you the roadmap but the how is right here:

Sell. Sell Today. Sell Now. Sell always…

And that doesn’t make you greedy. It doesn’t make you rude. It doesn’t make you selfish.

It makes you a business owner with value to give and an important message to spread!
It makes you someone who’s ready to SERVE, to HELP, to PROVIDE.

I think back to how this all started… to BEFORE there was MONEY to make people weird about it.

People TRADED.

I made a great pelt to keep you warm… you made a nice bow my hubby could hunt with… and so we both had something of value and we TRADED. No hard feelings. No one thinks you’re a scammer.

Point: You have value (a product or service). They have value (money). You make a fair trade and EVERYONE is happy! 

Hey… it’s your business. Do what you want for reals. BUT if you want profit… if you want to grow… if you want to serve… take my advice:

Sell and don’t feel one bit bad about it. 

Think about this:

A tiny fraction of people actually set goals. A smaller fraction actually WRITE THEM DOWN.

This is why people need help with goals.

It’s not because they can’t figure it out themselves… it’s because they don’t make the time.

That’s why my friends at Piggy Makes Bank created this Setting & Reaching Goals content you can use on your blog, in your emails, on social media and MORE to help your people reach their goals!

If you’ve been reading my emails for any amount of time you’ll know I’m all about helping people reach their goals. Matter of fact I want to help YOU reach yours while you help others do the same with this content. So I’m including a bonus of my Achieve Your Money Goals workshop training FREE when you snap up this deal now.

So here’s what you get:

To claim your bonus please forward your payment receipt to

I wish I could tell you you’ll never want to quit.

I wish I could tell you that living the Laptop Lifestyle was always easy.
I wish I could tell you you’ll never be frustrated.
I wish I could tell you that you’ll never want to quit and go get a JOB, cause that’s easier.
I wish I could tell you that ANYBODY can do it.

But I can’t.

Because I’m not here to lie to you and I detest lying.

Being in business for yourself is not for the weak, or the unwilling to work as hard as it takes, or let’s just say it… the lazy.

BUT… there’s something that happens when you stop WISHING FOR EASY.

Once you truly commit to doing whatever has to be done it gets easier. Because when you stop fighting the pretty natural human instinct to get out of the work then you realize the work CAN BE FUN, it can be SO REWARDING, it can be SO WORTH IT!

But you’ve got to put “easy” out of your head.
You’ve got to commit to this long term instead of just “trying it out”.
You’ve got to be willing to “find a way” instead of saying “I’m not good at this”.

You’ve got to be willing to put the rules you made up in your head about what you can and can’t do and just GO DO THINGS!

YES… you can do this.
You can grow you’ll little income bigger.
You can breakthrough to new levels.
You can keep that growth going.

It’s going to take work. You’re going to need support. You’re going to WANT a community. You’re going to need pushes and prods and accountability.

Not to brag but it’s all in my club. I had it on my HEART to support people in the tough time of working through past easy and then breaking barriers into the total package of living your dream.

I’ve seen members quitting recently, growing their businesses, trying new things and breaking through old mindsets and it’s so inspiring! These members haven’t joined me for a month or two… they have committed to the club like they’ve committed to their business and they’re seeing great results.

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Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills

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They wanna to go to freakin SPACE CAMP!

OK, it’s not too often I have THIS GOOD a reason to buy something.

I am about to grab this AWESOME social graphics package and it’s helping send two pretty freakin cool teenagers to Space Camp!

How do I know they’re cool? Well… they wanna go to space camp of course! lol. I remember LOVING the movie of the same name when I was young and wonder “is there REALLY a space camp?”.

Well apparently there is!

I don’t know if I’m overly emotional because I’ve been struck with a bad cold (maybe flu) for the past five days or if it’s because I ALSO have a teen son but when I read that these two boys are working their way to earn their way into this camp I’ll admit it had me tearing up just a teeny bit… Of course I LOVE hearing about teens working online!

But enough about space camp cause I am literally geeking out too much on this… let’s talk about the super-quality graphics package these teens and mom Chele Neisler team have put together, along with my friend and coach Kelly McCausey…

The package contains 30 Encouraging Graphics for Business Owners:

The motivational sayings are spot on!
They come with PLR rights!
They are uniquely created to fit on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and a Powerpoint Slide.
The powerpoint version is perfect for the back of a business card.

So what do you do with these images?

  • Motivate and encourage your clients for months on end…
  • Add them to your blog posts…
  • Pop them into relevant emails…
  • Push them straight to social media with inspiring content…
  • Keep them going by using them as headers on your social channels…

And WHOA… what if you want to automatically share the CORRECT image size for each social media site, automatically? Don’t know how? There is a bonus personal use tutorial included to show you exactly how to do that! Well that in itself is worth the price so you can transfer that skill to ALL your graphics sharing for your content!

You’ll also get a graphics tracking sheet to keep track of exactly where you’ve shared, and when is a good time to do it again!…. (because you don’t use ANYTHING just once and throw it away, RIGHT?)


It just goes on and on here. I’m sooo excited about the holiday graphics they’ve added. WHAT.. holidays? It’s August… Yea and we all know September and October FLY so you’ll be ready with these BEEE-U-TiFUL holiday graphics.

I grabbed a partial screenshot of them:

See the rest on the order page here.

As I said I just love seeing a partnership like this and I’m so happy to support it. But even more than that this package is just PACKED and the quality is crazy. The price is only $19 for now, it’s set to $29 regular.

Talk soon!







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Planning a Successful Business Photoshoot

For most people, stepping in front of the camera to do a business photo shoot is NOT the most comfy thing in the world, at all. You’ve likely been avoiding it until… (you get smaller, your skin looks better, your hairdresser gets it right, etc, etc). Trust me, I get it! I was waiting, too. Then I said to hell with it and went for a

You’ve likely been avoiding it until… (you get smaller, your skin looks better, your hairdresser gets it right, etc, etc).

Trust me, I get it! I was waiting, too. Then I said to hell with it and went for a photoshoot. I’ll admit, the first one was really uncomforable but the pics turned out GOOD. The second was PERFECT. And when I say perfect not as in I looked perfect. I mean it presented ME and MY business in a way that perfectly represented my brand, my message and ultimately… my purpose for being in business.

I’ve got some hella tips and techniques to share with you in this post to make you go from feeling frumpy and completely out of place (how I feel in shoot one) to heading to your photoshoot feeling like a “Supa-Star!”

So let’s get to it:

Tip #1: Know how to get your message across (and involve your photographer). 

In my first photoshoot I DID know my message but I didn’t know how to really tell it to people in photos. Also I didn’t know how to explain it to my photographer. She did SUCH a great job of those photos and I had a couple that I used for quite a while but I knew we could do better, much better.

Session two we KILLED it in getting the message across. See:

Now I have to give tons of credit to my TWO photographers Cathy Kirshner (of Cathy Kirshner Photography) and Jodie Cerovich for the amazing job they do! We took my message of the Laptop Lifestyle and business freedom and made it happen in pics. I LOVE these pics!

But now, I look like this:

So I figured it’s time to get some fresh photos which we are doing TODAY! I’ll have to update this post when we do and will likely have more tips.

Tip #2: Plan out specific poses.

My first photoshoot I was completely unprepared for what I wanted and we quickly looked up poses on our phones and went for it. The second photoshoot I knew different poses I wanted to happen and I had them written out. For this third one coming my photographers “get me” so well that they also looked up poses, scoured the area for places we can use and they understand both businesses I’m going to be promoting (one is the Laptop Lifestyle and the other is my LipSense Biz)

Tip #3: Bring Props and Plan For Different Outfits

I’m bringing Camera, Tablet, Laptop, Cell Phone (of course), my LipSense (of course).

I also have an AWESOME tank top (think… SHINY) that I will layer under an awesome shirt (because I don’t think there is anywhere to change. Then I’m bringing two cardigans AND a jean jacket. If I had multiple footwear I’d probably bring a change of shoes, too. I’m not much of a shoe shopper because of my giant size 11 feet it’s too hard, lol.

Also of course you can change jewelry, too.

Makeup even. Here’s a COOL TIP you can do if you have LipSense. I’m going to wear a light colour for a few photos and I’ll have two layers of that one. THEN, when I’m done with the lighter colour what I’ll do is layer a dark colour over that for entirely different look!

Tip #4: Just do it and BE CONFIDENT!

Confidence is a mindset. I am not and was not where I want to be shapewise for any of my photoshoots but from shoot one to shoot two the difference in confidence is massively clear! Now I’m coming into shoot three with even more confidence and I know that can’t be a bad thing. 😉

The whole reason to do this isn’t to be a MODEL for your business. NO… it’s to showcase YOU as a leader, as a person who wants to serve, as a business owner who trusts her market enough to let them SEE HER and in turn create huge trust with your audience.

I could go on and on about photoshoot. If you have any questions post them below or on social media. I consider them a pretty important part of my business because they present me and make me feel proud AND they give me a confidence boost as well so I can continue to put myself out there in bigger and better ways.

Talk soon!

p.s. Our business challenge in August is going to be Business Graphics BOOST and there WILL be a small part of the challenge focused on getting some photos of YOU for your business. Now it doesn’t have to be a full-out photoshoot and it can literally be a selfie but I don’t want to see anymore pics of ducks or dogs or cartoons as your profile pics, ok? 😉 (<<< said with love and concern for your market trust). Join us for the challenge and for the really incredible community right here.

p.p.s. Just so you know how awesome this community is… here is the post I made to them yesterday straight from my heart:

We talk lots of business too but we also love on each other because it’s sooo important to have that community support! See you in there?

Why I Will NOT “Fake It Till I Make It”…

I had an interesting email from a very well-meaning lady the other day, and she really got me thinking…

She was concerned about my last message where I mentioned that I have not yet broken six figures in my business.

It brought up a lot of advice and concerns for my business:

  • I shouldn’t mention that I’m not making six figures and because it is not inspiring and will make people NOT want to buy from me because they don’t see the value if I don’t know how to do it.
  • My marketing and brand comes off as beginner.
  • I sound like someone who’s been in business quite a while and haven’t figured it out.
  • It would be a good idea for me to hire a photographer or someone to brand me and my business to a more professional standard to create a more colourful, visually appealing look.
  • Being transparent is good, but too transparent is likely to hurt my business.
  • I should focus more on what I’ve figured out and less on the struggle of it all.

There is actually a LOT of advice in the email, this is the highlights of it. I don’t remember speaking with this lady previously but she took the time to offer me a pretty detailed email and suggested I take what I like from it and leave the rest. It was actually pretty AWESOME to hear from someone like that.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the not mentioning not making six figures yet, I DO agree with a LOT of the email so I’m going to break it down at bit and really clarify some things about why I share my struggles AND my successes with you:

Don’t Mention the Six-Figure Barrier

The goal to six-figures is a BIG one. There are many brands of businesses based just around teaching people to get to six figures. There are even more brands of people PRETENDING to be high-earners who are earning little to no money. It’s the truth.

You can look at a brand. It could be super sharp. The pro pics are all over. The color and branding is PERFECT. The business process is immaculate. And you’ll think because you see all that that the business is making WELL over six figures. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. You literally don’t know who to trust just by looking at their brand.

One thing I will NEVER do… is “Fake it til I make it.” 

YES… I’d love to have a beautiful brand, perfectly put together and relaying the message I want to share with the world but I’ll never do that just to “look” the part.

I share where I am in business because I know it IS inspiring to those who understand this is not an overnight process. There are many of us who struggle and yes, for a long time. It’s not because you can’t blast in and make a lot of money in a short time, you can.

There are, however, many many people who take YEARS to overcome the mindset issue that hold us back. I was one of them and I AM one of them. I NEVER EVER EVER will pretend to be anyone other than who I am and I can guarantee you one thing: I DO NOT have it all figured out!

If you’re looking for a mentor who knows everything and will give you the golden gauntlet from their high pedestal that is simply NOT ME.

How Could People Be Inspired or Want to Buy From Someone NOT Making Six Figures?

I teach from where I’m at. Where is that?

Well… I quit my job as a factory worker, a single mom in 2007 to work from home full time.
I created a VA business that earned about $25,000 it’s first full year.
I grew my business about 30% per year.
I was making about $60,000 per year when I broke my ankle, then had my baby girl.
I overcame a ton of confidence, mindset and just lack of business know-how struggles during those initial years.
I STRUGGLED to find time to work as a busy mom of a challenging but amazing girl.
I work three days per week while the girly is in daycare (plus my “sneak in time” whenever I can get it)  and I made a little over $80,000 last year.

While that is not six figures I’d have to say that’s inspiring. It’s real. It’s raw.

It’s not in pretty packaging but you can learn a hell of a lot from me and I know how to do a lot of things really well!

I know how to make over $100,000 from one program (my WordPress training).
I know how to add hundreds of people to my list in one go (giveaway events).
I know how to create successful coaching programs (I’ve created dozens).
I know how to run an engaged an active membership site (I do that).
I know how to work with clients and keep them happy (Over 10 years experience with people who love me).
I know how to write copy that gets people responding and reacting (I’ve earned my full-time income solely online since 2007).

So yes, I agree… I need to highlight these successes more. I need more people to hear my story, to know my struggles and how I overcame them, to hear of my successes and see how they can learn from them. I have a TON to offer my market and simply not enough people are getting my message yet. When they do, I’ll break six figures and I’ll tell my peeps (YOU) and they’ll celebrate with me because they’ll see it as a guiding light to show them they can do the same!

Looking the Part of the Successful Business Owner

What I loved about this email I got was all the unsolicited advice. Seriously. I’m not being sarcastic.

It’s rare to get an email from a subscriber who ACTUALLY is trying to help me. Usually, it’s from someone who seems to be trying to help me but really just wants me to do what they want me to do because they don’t like what I’m doing lol.

This email… was different. And the part about not looking professional and hiring a photographer I also agree with. Though I don’t LOVE stock photos I do use them sometimes. I walk the line because I am NOT interested in looking like any kind of corporate site or looking like a big company with no real person behind it. I am strategically using selfies because I have a target market who will relate to ME. THAT is my brand.

That being said I get it that people make snap judgments and that my look SHOULD relay my message FAST and CLEAR and with a sharp looking brand.

That’s why I do photo shoots for my business. I did one last year and the year before and I’ll be doing another one soon with my newly colored hair:

My hair wasn’t initially a branding move but I know it’s unique and it stand out and I’ll be using that. THAT will be combined with the selfies and the random snippets into my life. I know people LOVE to see the behind the scenes and I certainly intend to continue to show that. The bottom line is… it works for me!

No… I won’t ever try to “look” like I’m making more than I am but I also will keep sharing where I’m at because I have absolutely NO SHAME in the struggle. It’s made me who I am, it’s helped me help others, it’s been a blessing and it hasn’t happened TO me… it’s happened FOR me so that I could be the person that is trusted, that can inspire, that can help those like me grow, learn and be the most amazing business owners they never thought they could be!

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


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About: The TRAP of “doing what you love”…

I’ve been in business a LONG time now. I started my first business in 2004.

I haven’t broken six figures YET and I think I know exactly why…

It’s the trap of the advice to “just do what you love”.

You see at first I totally was into the whole idea of making EASY money, getting rich, building a fortune. I had no freaking IDEA what I was doing but I LOVED making handmade soaps and I thought that that love, combined with tons of hard work was just going to get me to the point of selling millions.

But I gave up on that business.

And the next one.

And the next one.

All because they didn’t work after I “loved them” so hard…


Love is not enough.

I know that now. That’s why even when I thought I might be “falling out of love” with my current business, I kept going.

That’s why even when I thought I might be “falling out of love” with my current business, I kept going.

And you know what? There are LOTS of moments in a business owners career that they question what they’re doing, they wonder if it’s right for them, they even think it might be a hell of a lot easier life if they just went and got a job.

And that might be true because a job you go to at set hours, come home and don’t have to worry about afterwards for the most part.

But a business… we business owners THINK, a lot.

We’re thinking about how to make money.
We’re thinking about how to market our business.
We’re thinking about our customers.
We’re thinking about our products.
We’re thinking about how to make things better.
We’re thinking about our branding.

And on and on and on!

You better love that shit, right?

Well… YES… of course BUT love isn’t what you think.

Loving your business is not about loving every single possible task you can do.
Loving your business is not about loving every single DAY in every single WAY.
Loving your business is not about never having to struggle with a techy problem.

You see I think that’s the BIG mistake I and many others are making.

We think we have to love every possible thing about our businesses.
We think if it isn’t working then it’s because we haven’t picked the “right thing” and we have to move on to something else.

Loving your business is about making strategic choices to grow.
Loving your business is about building a team so you can do more and help more people.
Loving your business is about using the leverage of tools and resources.
Loving your business is about learning smart marketing techniques.

It’s not about the “feeling” all the time. The “thinking” is REALLY important and you can’t be so freaking caught up in a “vision” that you’re not willing to consider different ideas, possibilities and to get CREATIVE.

And really… is it about how the handmade soap is packaged, how the website branding looks, how the course is set up to download, etc, etc, etc OR IS IT ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE YOU CAN CREATE, THE REWARDS YOU CAN GET AND THE JOY YOU CAN FEEL FROM SERVING OTHERS?

If those things are your love, the rest is just details!

No don’t get me wrong here… there’s a difference between loving your business and having a struggle or two inside of that love and running a business you really dislike. If you literally picked the “wrong business” you should know pretty soon after you pick it.

Me I LOVED my businesses. I built many of them up pretty well and gave up on them. I see that now! I see that they needed more strategy, more innovation, more HELP and they could have broken through to another level.

Six figures in a year?

I felt my HEART SINK when a friend of mine who started at the very same time as me told me she made six figures in a month. Not because I was jealous, but because I was wondering what the HELL I am not doing to get there myself, or even to get to a consistent $10 – 20,000 per month.

My friend told me one of the biggest differences she sees is my not building a team, where she has a LOT of people working for her.

My not picking a team is just me holding onto this idea of my having to build something I “LOVE”, something that’s all “MINE” and not letting other people in for fear that they’d make it something I can’t control.

It’s dumb. It’s silly. AND it’s been holding me back in so many ways.

The building a team is a symptom of the greater issue that I’ve mentioned already. The TRAP OF LOVING YOUR BUSINESS.

I want to FEEL JOY from my business – and I do!
I want to CREATE JOY from my business – and I do!
I want to HAVE AN AMAZING LIFESTYLE from my business – and I do!
I want to HELP OTHERS CREATE JOY from THEIR businesses – and I do!

THOSE are the things I love! The rest… just the details. The team… the means. The tools & resources… the leverage.

That’s why after years of resisting the idea of selling PLR I just EMBRACED IT!

On the suggestion of my smart and savvy coaches Kelly McCausey & Nicole Dean I made a fairly quiet but MAJOR change in my business by offering PLR rights to every single challenge I release from now forward in my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club membership.

This is a big change for me and it’s a BIG SHIFT in the “gotta do what I love” mindset. You see I had convinced myself that I didn’t want to and wouldn’t love selling PLR. Now I realize how SILLY that was! Now I realize it is again a way for me to feel joy, create joy, build my lifestyle and help others do the same and that is exactly what I’m after.

The monthly PLR is FREE for my members, just included in the membership now and I am getting such awesome feedback from my members about it! They are soooo happy and I know they will do awesome things with this content that they can now use and sell as their own.

I have a big vision for this business and it’s going to need a team. As a smart family member said to me yesterday that is just total common sense yet so profound to me: “Five people can do more than one.” … well… DUH to me! Why I have been resisting this piece of my business I don’t know but you can expect to hear me saying “my team” a lot more in the near future.

But for now *I* have uploaded the latest PLR to the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club customer area. It’s ready for download and it’s something you can use in YOUR business, to grow YOUR JOY and FREEDOM and that of your customers and clients!

So my final advice is this (based on my learning from the school of hard knocks):

Stop being so freaking TIED to this idea of your business you have in your head that you become BLIND to the things that will skyrocket your results and turn your “little” business you love into a BIG business that is thriving! Stop sabotaging yourself on the “principal” of things you thought you didn’t like (but really are just resistant to for some silly reason)!
Stop being afraid to get people who are AMAZING and GREAT to help you and help you a lot, like right side by side with you so that you can GROW to heights you could never possibly reach alone!

Stop all that and grow your business into an empire that you DO LOVE so much because you let it go, you let it grow and you let it thrive in a way that serves so much harder and deeper than you ever imagined.

Big hugs,

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


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How to run a challenge group…

Yesterday I announced to you that I’m offering PLR / Resell Rights on my proven, targeted monthly challenges and the feedback has been fantastic!

You see you can now buy my previously created challenge content and sell it as your own. 

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club members get my PLR / Resell Rights on challenges completely FREE! My members are thrilled! Here is what they are saying so far:

if you prefer to save money and get MORE than just PLR you can now participate in the challenges live in the membership, get the awesome community in the club AND get a monthly PLR packet to download each and every month of your membership!

Cool beans or what?

Look I’m just a girl running an online business trying to help others do the same. But this… I know it could be pretty damn awesome and I can’t wait to see what members do with this content! 

So I want to HELP YOU use this content and the PLR rights you get to it if you decide to grab it.

How to Run a Group Challenge: 

Step 1: Pick a Topic

Of course you’ll need a topic and this can be a tricky part. It’s important to remember that not everyone is going to want your challenge at the very instance you offer it so you’re going to have to try to be broad enough to catch enough people who will want to participate but specific enough to get people EXCITED about what they need.

I pick topics in a variety of ways:
– Past Success: If there’s a topic I’ve had success with in my own business or life and I can share great insights to, I’ll consider it as a topic.
– Request: Sometimes there’s a topic I’ll requests for over and over again. That’s a sure tell that it could make for a good challenge topic.
– Community Interest: If you’re listening to the people in any community there’s usually something that comes up often. Lately I hear people looking for content around graphics and Canva, so that’s something I’d consider doing a challenge around (and WILL be doing just that in August).

Step 2: Pick a Format

So you’re going to need to decide HOW to deliver your challenge.

Simplicity is always important. Don’t overwhelm people with TOO many ways to consume your products.

In my monthly challenges, here’s my format:

  • Monthly challenge prep-sheet (as appropriate)
  • Monthly challenge action-plan (includes ALL challenge tasks)
  • Daily emails & facebook posts with challenge action tasks
  • Daily video “prompts” – talking head videos to cheer challengers on.
  • Monthly motivational webinar to get people geared up for the challenge!

As I said simplicity is best. You need to make it EASY for people to consume your content. I know not everyone likes being on facebook so I do give the email option BUT my challenges are mailing centered around my facebook group and my monthly membership, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. 

Step 3: Sell or Give Away Your Challenge

Of course you need to get people IN your challenge doors! 

The best way to sell anything is to be a “product of the product” as they say. Is this something YOU believe in? Is it something you can get excited about? Is it something you know will help them? 

Then tell people that! Get excited. Be enthusiastic. Your excitement is the ENERGY around your challenge launch and you need to make it good and high! 

Some challenges are free, some are paid. How you decide to work that out depends on your end goal with the challenge. 

Step 4: Run Your Challenge

If you get steps 1-3 completed successfully you’ll then need to run that challenge. 

Participate yourself if you can, it helps keep people motivated. 

I’ve also found that giving people an incentive really helps. I used to do a random prize draw for my challenges but I find that people are even MORE motivated when they are sure they are going to get a prize. It’s silly almost because the prize is just a $5 Starbucks Gift Card but people will do the tasks just to get that, even when the reward of doing the actual tasks is probably much more valuable to them. It’s how we, as humans, are wired! We want to WIN things and a guaranteed win is pretty awesome.

Am I worried I’ll have to give out too many $5 gift cards? Not at all. I have about 90 people in my membership and if I had to pay a $5 gift card for each one of them I’d be happy to do it because I’d know they are consuming my products and so likely to get results it almost guarantees I’ll have very long-term members! 

The Good NEWS:

If you’re looking at these steps and wishing you could skip a few… good news is you can! 

With my monthly challenge PLR from the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club membership you CAN skip steps one and two! 

Every month I am delivering to my members, for no extra membership cost, the PLR / Resell Rights to the previous month’s challenge. So not only do you get to be a “product of the product”, you also get to avoid doing the writing, you get a proven product and a targeted topic your people will be interested in actually doing. 

You can grab the first month’s package immediately after joining the membership AND you’ll get package number two on August 14th, before your membership will even be set to renew. 

Get It >> Create Your Perfect Opt-in PLR / RESELL RIGHTS

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


Challenge PLR: Now you can sell my products as your own!

Hi there! How did your week go? Yesterday we went to “Coal Dust Days” here in Nova Scotia. It was fun! Here we’re at Plumber Avenue Day after Ella won a crown and wand at one of the game.

Yep I’m still on vacation but I’m still working too.

I’m pulling a “Connie Ragen Green” and working just a few, little hours in the morning (in my case while everyone’s sleeping) so that I can then go about living life and having fun!

Could I have planned ahead and had nothing to do this week for work? Sure! And I still COULD just take the time off but my coach and I were talking last week about something I just HAD to get done because I’m freaking excited to offer it to you and it does have an expiry date.

Also… you’ll be hearing from me anyway, vacation or no vacation because it’s just part of my LIFE, my laptop lifestyle, to share what I’m doing!

SO… what am I up to?!

Something REALLY cool and something I think you’ll LOVE…

Private Label / Resell Rights to MY Club Challenges!


Yep… you can now take my targeted monthly challenge bundles and sell them, too, starting with a great email list-building challenge that my people totally LOVED and engaged with.

Last month I did the “Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer” challenge.

Now that the challenge is done I’m offering you the chance to buy it and us it in your business. That’s right, you can sell MY previously sold and proven product as your own!

The highlights:

– This is a targeted product. Very specific to a single task and so people are going to want to take immediate, purposeful ACTION.

– This is a proven product. Not random. Not uncertain. I’ve proven people want this product because I’ve sold it myself! I’ve had my people taking action and getting results!

Come look!

I think you’re going to love this:
Create Your Perfect Opt-in Challenge PLR / RESELL RIGHTS
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You can also just buy personal rights, if you prefer.

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


p.s. Did you sign up for my “Because Life Can’t Wait” recordings? You’ll get an immediate download of all the recordings you can take with you anywhere (great listening in your car).

I HATE to pick favorites because I love, love, love all the speakers but I have to say one of my FAVORITE parts was Connie Ragen Green’s talk where she blew my mind with her 3 hour per day schedule so she can go LIVE HER LIFE the rest of the day, every day.

I LOVED that! Grab the recordings here >> Because Life Can’t Wait Recordings

You are NOT a robot… right?

Yesterday I told you how I write emails like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Why? Because I know I can NOT act like a nameless, faceless robot and expect people to relate to me. I can’t be fake. I can’t be “formal”. I can’t be “professional”.

I just gotta be me. For real.

How NICE would it be to know you can just be YOU, instead of the million other things you’ve been TOLD to be, and make your living online?! 

Nice, right? Very nice? Fan-freaking-tastic? 

Yep… it is. It IS fan-freaking-tastic to just be me… weird, serious, quirky me.
Struggling to stay away from the sugar me.
Loving the LipSense that won’t wear off me. 

I wrote this report a few months ago called Writing Emails Naturally and I share with YOU how I just write to be me and how I make it profitable. 

You see it’s great to write good emails that people WANT TO READ but you know it’s even better when those emails actually MAKE YOU MONEY. There is no point to getting the opens, the clicks and the love for your content if you can’t earn an income from it unless you’re just in this for fun and have a major chunk of cash stashed away and you don’t need money. Yea… I thought so.

SO… let’s get you Writing Emails Naturally AND making money from those emails. It’s very doable and you can do it. 

Grab my report now for $10 off today and stop being afraid to email your list! (HINT >>> done right they actually will LOVE hearing from you every single damn day, ok?!)

Buy Now:

Writing Emails Naturally
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Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


Do you have trouble writing emails to your list?


Yesterday was a fun day. We’re still in Nova Scotia visiting family and we went to a nature conservatory. Here’s me with a big bear in the background (not sure you can really tell):

One of the MOST COMMON things people say to me is that they LOVE my emails. They say I write so naturally, so easily it seems and they WISH they could do the same.

Well… you know how I just told you a teeny tiny bit about my day yesterday? It DOES come naturally to me, I’m a natural “sharer” I guess you could call it but it’s also one of the biggest reasons my emails feel natural.

It’s because I’m not a nameless, faceless, LIFE-less person telling you to buy this and buy that. NO… I’m a REAL PERSON with a real life that is sometimes dull, sometimes interesting, sometimes exciting and sometimes regular and I share it with you. Not the inner, deepest, darkest stuff but I share like a person you know, like and trust.

I encourage YOU to do this, too! AND I’ve written a quick, detailed and motivational report to show you just how to do so. It’s called Natural Affiliate Marketing and it’s only $27 to start with but for today and tomorrow I’m giving you a $10 off coupon code.

Write emails like it’s the most natural thing in the world
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Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


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