How to make money with affiliate marketing

How to be a natural affiliate marketer…

Nobody wants to feel like a pushy salesperson. I think people think that’s what affiliate marketing is about and they shy away.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can do this COMPLETELY NATURALLY and have affiliate marketing fit perfectly into your business!
Watch this video and learn why it’s the smartest affiliate marketing move you’ll ever make.

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<3 Angela Wills

Affiliate Experts: People I Admire in Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for many years now and over that time I’ve learned from so many people. There are a few, however, that have stood out to me as being particularly dedicated to the practice, education, and elevation of the industry of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, if you don’t know, is a type of marketing where a company sets themselves up with an “affiliate program”. When you join their program (for free), the software for the program creates a unique to you only “affiliate link”. This makes you basically a salesperson for the company but don’t let that scare you off. Keep reading to understand just how incredible affiliate marketing is and why ANYONE can do it!

These people I admire, they practice NATURAL Affiliate Marketing.

They incorporate their offers into what they’re doing.
They share what’s working for them.
They tell people what they love.

Yes… everyone can do this.

Just like you can tell your friends about that awesome restaurant you just discovered, or tell you mom about the new and awesome dentist you discovered or tell your kids soccer coach where you found an absolute killer deal on cleats… you can easily incorporate this type of marketing into your business.

This is where we get passive and, if you’re smart in your choices of who to promote, recurring income. These are the golden forms of online income because you don’t have to actually be there to earn it (aka you can wake up with affiliate sales and more income)!

So… here are the people I admire who kill it when it comes to affiliate marketing:

  1. Lynn Terry – I’ve heard Lynn say she’s a “walking tax deduction” and I just freakin love that because it shows just how much she incorporates affiliate marketing into her life. She is known as the Low Carb Traveler. Lynn truly lives the Laptop Lifestyle and I’m so honored to know her and have learned from her all these years.
  2. Rosalind Gardner – I learned about Rosalind from Lynn Terry and I bought her Super Affiliate Handbook. It was truly a top notch training tool for me when I was a pretty early beginner in affiliate marketing. She is a known affiliate marketing industry expert.
  3. Nicole Dean – Nicole is my coach and also an inspiration to so many. I’ve learned so many things from her but her unrelenting passion to create a business of complete freedom has been a constant since I’ve known her. She just got back from a trip to Italy, which she share pics of on social media and all I can say is #laptoplifestyleGOALS
  4. Connie Ragen Green – Connie was one of the speakers at my Because Life Can’t Wait Telesummit and, again, another Laptop Lifestyle and affiliate marketing master. Connie talked about spending the first three hours of her day working and then going out to do “life” for the rest of the day. I LOVED that. Connie has written products on how to win affiliate contests and is an inspiring affiliate marketer.

I recommend you check out these ladies, watch what they’re doing and learn from them if you’re interested in seeing natural affiliate marketers in action.

And… You can learn from me. I know my affiliate marketing because I’ve learned from amazing people like the ladies mentioned above. I studied, I applied and I profited in affiliate marketing. I’ve created something different with my product and marketing, though, because my emphasis is incorporating affiliate marketing INTO what you’re already doing.

In my Natural Affiliate Marketing course I’m giving you daily action steps to build affiliate marketing into your business. No matter if you’re a total beginner or if you’re already making money but want a boost, this training is for you. You’ll get access to a private group where you’ll get my signature “Coaching in the Comments” type help where I will give you JUST AS MUCH value as if you paid me to be your one on one coach, for real!

It is so important to me that my customers succeed. I want you to take fast and immediate action and to start seeing results.

It’s time to take a look and decide if you’d like to be a Natural Affiliate Marketing << go there to check out all the details and sign up!

How blogging is like going to the gym…

I’ve been to my new gym every single day for the last ten days.

It’s been pretty awesome to put the focus on me and my health!

But you know what’s just as awesome about my new-found habit?


I’m actually BLOWN AWAY by the people. They are helping me set up before classes, they are teaching my how to do a proper deadlift, they are complimenting my workout leggings, they are offering to teach me the equipment. All without me asking them to do a single thing!

They just see me showing up, doing my thing and they connect with ME.

For this work at home / stay at home mom that’s HUGE. Seriously. I want to connect with people, make friends and in due time pay it forward. And what is crazy to me is that I was intimidated by the gym… like the people would be unfriendly and judgey but it has been the most friendly atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in my life!

And you might be wondering what the heck this has to do with blogging.

Here’s the thing…

You can build your business alone, or you can get “out there”.

Blogging is like going to the gym because you’re not doing it all alone anymore. I could workout at home, alone, or I can go to the gym. I can write content to my email list, privately, or I can blog.

I’m actually blogging right now of course and THEN I’ll send this to my email list. The difference is I’m now opening up to get connection, feedback, advice even!

Like going to the gym I’m going to be able to connect with people who have the same interests because now they can see me, now they know what I’m up to and they can tell if I’m their “people”!

From the amount of connection I’ve generated in just a few days at the gym I imagine that, over time, I’ll be able to make some really good friends there and be able to get and give support through my own healthy lifestyle journey.

The same thing has happened to me time and time again with blogging. I’ve made friends, connections, partners and customers from my blog time and time again. It’s a natural by-product of the blogging process over time.

That’s why I’ve created the Blogging It Out 10-Day Fast Action Challenge as this month’s Laptop Lifestyle Business Club challenge.

Blogging is a habit. Going to the gym is also a habit.

Going to the gym is also a habit. I’ve gone 10 days in a row and the more days I get it, the stronger the habit becomes. Soon it will be second nature!

That’s what my challenges kick-start for my members: habits. And the Blogging It Out Challenge is no different.

Let’s do this together! 10 Days of Blogging Tips, 8 blog post challenge days (and I’ll show you to create great posts, fast), one training webinar on Blogging Naturally and of course our amazing private group where you get accountability, answers and more.

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I hope you follow your dreams…

This is my office today. My view from the beach. People might say it’s “lucky” that I get to work where I want, when I want but I can assure you it is not luck that made this happen.

I could have quit. I could have quit so many times.

People begged me to get a job.
People told me being a single mom and spending so much time on the computer was selfish.
People told me you couldn’t make a full-time living on the internet.

And had I listened to people, well meaning as they were, I’d not be enjoying this view while writing this message to you.

To inspire you.
To motivate you.
To guide you.

You might be just getting started and feeling unsure if you’ll EVER make it happen, really.
You might be an income earner who’s working to break into the next stage of growth and feeling like it’s taking FOREVA…
You might be a high five-figures earner who’s working to break that ever so elusive to some six-figure income goal like me.

No matter where you are and what you’re deal is I can assure you that this life I have, it’s not just for me, it’s not my special blessing or treat or secret. It’s for anyone who wants it and wants to be so stupidly stubborn that to others you look CRAZY for doing what you’re doing.

I’ll never forget when my boyfriend said to me “You are working sooooo hard but making barely any money. You’d make more money as a single mom on welfare than you do in your business.”

He was just worried. Concerned. Not seeing my vision or knowing if I knew how to make it happen. I get it. He was SUPER supportive and I AM VERY LUCKY to have always had supportive people in my life, always. No crabs pulling me back down into the bucket as they saying goes, ever. That comment was the one thing he ever said in over 12 years to the negative side of running my business and I think he only said it to make sure I did my “reality check” on whether I was doing the things that would make my business grow, or was I stuck.

But grow it did. About 20% per year, year after year!

I met with a highschool friend a little over a year ago and she asked me if I made a part-time income working online. That surprised me but I think it makes sense that people would think that as a mom staying home with my then two year old (now almost four) that I couldn’t pull a full-time income.

But I do. I pull a bigger full-time income than many working over forty hours a week on only part-time hours. I work three days a week.

I’m telling you this so you know. You know I’m not playing. You know I’m a SERIOUS business owner with SERIOUS goals. Matter of fact my six-figure goal is still taunting me and I’m AFTER it. I’m working on my mindset because I’ve realized how very important it is.

This is a bit of rambling blog but I don’t care. It’s Friday as I write this. I’m writing AT the beach, something I’ve actually not done before. I usually write from the coffee shop or the library but I am totally adding this to my rounds when it’s a nice mild, overcast day like today.

I do what I do because of smart online marketing methods, because of passive income, because of recurring income, because of email marketing, because of affiliate marketing and because of automation.

The only dollars for hours I do now are the ones I LOVE to do.
The only clients I work with are the clients who bring me JOY.

This is possible for you. It really is.

It first starts with believing you can, of course and then taking action.

I know what it’s like to be the newbie, I’m quite a few years in the business but I still remember and I can provide you with the gentle, patient, confident guidance you need.

I really remember what it was like to be an income earner just getting traction, and how there are many uncertain times in that stage, times when you just need someone to give you some feedback, advice and support.

And of course I know what it’s like to be a high five-figure income earning, just grazing the edges of that six figure status… that mindset breakthrough point… that important goal and magic number that makes some things easier and I’m sure some things harder. I dunno cause I’m not there yet but I’m sure as hell looking forward to finding out. Let’s do it together?

This is me. This is the message that flowed through me today. It’s not really wrapped up in a neat package but I think it was important enough to let flow.

I hope you follow your dreams.
I hope you never give up.
I hope you believe you can do it and I hope you create your laptop lifestyle.




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Business Blogging Tips: 4 Good Reasons to Blog for Business

I’ve been a blogger since 2005. I actually remember my first blog post and it was totally NON-business related. The title was “Poker… I Won!” lol. After a fun and friendly family poker game at home.

At the time I had no idea the power of blogging and thought it was just a fun way to communicate and build relationships. 

I had that part right! Blogging is an EXCELLENT tool for a whole lot of reasons. Here are five good reasons to blog for business:

1. Build Relationships – Yep and if you know anything about my business history and beliefs you’ll know that relationships are a HUGE part of my success. I have many friends in online business and I gained many of them through my blog. They started as readers, they commented and we got to know each other. One of my longest-term online friends started as a blog reader, turned into a customer and is now a dear friend who promotes my business and I promote hers. 

2. Build Trust – Look… if you write enough on a blog your true colours are going to shine through whether you like it or not. Your issues will show up in what you write and the energy you use to create it. Don’t be scared! You’re a good person but you’re flawed. We ALL are flawed. A good blog doesn’t make you look PERFECT, it makes you look HUMAN and relateable and trustworthy. And when you are trying to sell stuff trust is good, trust is very, very good. 

3. Get Traffic – If you’re not using your blog to get into the search engines then you’ll miss out on people searching for you or specific things you talk about, especially if you have anything that’s any way unique. I’ve been using Seo Books Keyword Tool for years and years. All you do is enter in a word like “business blogging” for example for this post and then incorporate some of the terms that people use to learn more about it in your post. In my search result I’ve incorporated the terms “business blogging tips” and “blog for business”

4. Save Time – So you should also have an email list, right? If you do you’ll know that creating content for an email list AND a blog can be time consuming. I use ConvertKit and there is a super-cool option to load my full blog post INTO the software and send it out via email. I’m doing it with this blog post (or email depending on where you read) to make my content do double-duty. Not to mention it also get pushed out via social media automatically AND through push notifications using a tool called PushCrew.

5. Creates Opportunity – Not everyone of influence who might want to partner with you is going to take the time to sign up for your list or buy your products BUT if you have a blog they can easily see what you’re about by reading through your public content. You just might start seeing a heck of a lot more offers for interviews, partnerships and more because of your blog. Definitely a win win!

Blogging is not dead. Never has been, never will be! If you’re interested in blogging I recommend you go for it!

Start now because you know “later” never gets here…

p.s. I’m doing a 10-Day FAST-ACTION Blogging Challenge in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club starting on Monday. Join the club if you’re in 😉

Getting Paid to Talk About What You Love (aka Natural Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate marketing is often an afterthought, something to do “later”.

What most people don’t realize, until they do, is that you can incorporate affiliate marketing, naturally, into what you are ALREADY doing and get paid while you build your business, build your list, create your brand and more.

Just share what you love!
Just tell people what’s working for you.
Just tell people what you’re having trouble with.
And get paid for telling your story…

It really does work like that. And it works BEST like that, in my experience.

When I first got started on my blog in 2008 I thought I’d be an “affiliate marketer”.

Of course it sounded AWESOME to just get paid for sending people to buy other people’s stuff. So I threw out a bunch of blog posts about products and told people they should buy them. I even made a terrible site called “Internet Marketing Product Reviews” and thought I’d just throw up reviews and earn money.

But… nothing happened.
no sales
no interaction
no interest

So I threw out more blog posts, added images linked with my affiliate links, sent a bunch of emails saying things like “hey look at this program it looks so cool”… etc.


But it makes sense.

I hadn’t established ANY kind of relationship or readership yet. So essential there was no one listening, no one was even there. And even if they had been listening, making affiliate sales comes down to more than JUST a product review (though they can be mega-helpful to those in “buying mode” and wanting to go over some quick points before they click to purchase). I now love the kind of affiliate marketing that is just built right into what you’re already doing. Add it right in, pop it into things you’ve already created and WHAMMO, you’ve got a profitable strategy! 

Your customers already love you, your readers already respect you, you’ve already build a business and an audience.

That’s why it works so well to just SHARE what you love as you go, with the people who ALREADY know, like and trust you!

Now the key here is to have a very open mentality about yourself and your business. Sharing means being vulnerable and allowing people to get to know YOU. That takes a little practice but it’s soooo freeing when you start getting responses from people WHO thank you for being so real. You’ll love it!

So here’s your step by step:

  1. Find an use products YOU LOVE. Ones that relate to your business and your life. If it serves YOU and you are your target market, then it’s fair game. 
  2. Look for affiliate programs for the ones you love. You can go to Google and type in “XXXX Affiliate Program” (replacing XXXX with whatever it is you love)… I find many programs like that if I can’t just find a link on the bottom of the site. If you can’t find anything you could contact the company or just move along. 
  3. Apply to the affiliate program and wait for your special tracking affiliate link. Then make a special shortlink so you don’t use that ugly, long affiliate link anywhere. 
  4. Share, share, share! Share in blog posts, like a story of what’s happening with you, what you’re using, what works and what makes sense. Sha  re everything, not just the things you’re an affiliate for but of course DO include affiliate links to the ones you ARE an affiliate for. Note: You do need to disclose you are an affiliate when you share your link, legally.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can ONLY promote affiliate offers that are super tightly related to your niche. For example if you sell LipSense (like me), don’t think you have to ONLY promote lip or even face related products! Amazon is a great starter place for all kinds of related physical products. I especially could tell new LipSense distributors who join my team what products I purchased for my business… like my Hot Pink LipSense Bag or the handy Cell Phone Selfie Light I use all the time.

The beauty of this is it’s not out of the way work… build your business and just naturally incorporate the mentions into the things you are doing!

If you’re a business coach, you’ll already be telling people about business building, tools, resources, etc.

If you’re a fitness coach, you’ll be mentioning fitness equipment, apps, software and more.

If you’re a virtual assistant, you’ll be telling clients they need website hosting, email software, project management tools and more.

You see how easy it is to just FIT this right into your business?

Go for it! Add affiliate marketing to your business ASAP and watch your income potential grow. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Talk soon,


Angela Wills

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Successful Affiliate Marketing Example (aka how I win contests)

Every once in a while I find myself on an affiliate leaderboard for a product I’ve been promoting. Most of the time it’s a surprise. For example a couple of years ago or so I won $300 as an affiliate for Coach Glue. Initially, I didn’t even realize they were having an affiliate contest but when I found out I was in the running to win something, I got motivated and gave it a go.

That’s what’s so awesome about affiliate contests and getting on an affiliate leaderboard. It’s motivating. It’s fun. It’s exciting! Of couse that’s a win-win for all involved.

If you’re not familiar with an Affiliate Leaderboard here’s the deal:

Every so often a product owner will hold an affiliate contest. During a set timeline the product owner will offer prizes (cash or other) to top and sometimes random affiliates as a reward for promoting their products and earning sales.

I’m an affiliate for quite a large number of products and programs. Most of the time I just promote programs as it seems to fit with what I’m teaching or talking about at the moment. I don’t pay a lot of attention to launch schedules or big JVZoo events, etc. I’m more concerned about getting the right information to the right peeps at the right time.

One of my favorite “surprise, you’re on the leaderboard!” stories is when I was friended by the owner of eCover Authority, Chad Ejisr. I had seen my friend promote this product and had meant to go check it out. I knew it was something that would be a PERFECT fit to share with my readers and so as soon as I saw the link to Chad’s affiliate contest I knew I wanted to promote it. I signed up as an affiliate right away and the next day started promoting as soon as the little baby girl was napping. I wrote this in September of 2015 when I started promoting but it’s still VERY valid today!

Here’s my day one results:


On day one of this particular promotion I found out that I was at the top of the leaderboard. With a $3000 cash prize up for grabs for the top affiliate I was pretty surprised to hear I was leading!


I have to tell ya I’m not really a competitive type person but being told you’re in the lead to win such a large prize gives you motivation to keep it up!

And keep it up I did. As of day four (yesterday) I had slipped to the #2 spot (which is still a $1000 prize):


Here’s where I’m going to list out the whole process of what I’ve done to this point to attempt to hold that top spot. As of writing this (Tuesday night) the contest is still running so what I’ll do is come back after publishing and update you with the (hopefully great) news of how it all panned out.

The first thing I did on Friday was email my list. Here’s email one:


After I sent this one I got a question about the time zone so I quickly fixed up another email to clarify, which was basically the same as the one above with the time zone of the initial sale added.

Now at 1pm I sent out another email. In my rush to promote this program on launch day I misunderstood that the price was going up in increments to $37, not all at once at 2pm like I thought. So I created a bigger ‘urgency’ than was actually there… and it worked. Obviously I don’t recommend creating any kind of fake urgency as that would be very unethical (like I said mine was an absolute accident) but what you CAN do is definitely take advantage of any REAL urgency built-in to any product sales.

Here’s the email I sent a 1pm:


You’ll notice this email is almost exactly the same just with a different subject and a little of the first wording edited.

The next thing I did was create a post on my facebook page and I shared it in my group (now Laptop Lifestyle Business Club):


In my original posts I had told people I’d give them a free Look ‘Over My Shoulder’ workshop just for signing up for eCover Authority. I had no details other than that yet and hadn’t even picked a date. I didn’t have anything set up for it so I got to work setting up some details and picking a date.

I created a page on my site to give people the details on the workshop and to invite them to buy eCover Authority.


So I’m not going to list out EVERY single move I make because that could take a full report (you’d be better off to get on my email list to see what I do over the next few days). Here’s a screenshot of the emails I’ve sent since:


My email ‘Who Should buy eCover Authority (and Why)’ got great results and some more sales.

I also turned that into a blog post here that I shared on social media. When I create a blog post I always click on the social media share links on the post (feel free to click them on this post or any you like, too! 🙂  ):


After my promo email yesterday I also sent out a second email (later in the evening) about a telesummit I had participated in that people could sign up for free to listen to. Inside that one I made another mention of the program but didn’t link to it (I’m thinking I probably should have for better results):

So that brings us up to Tuesday, August 25th.

I set up two facebook ads on Monday and on Tuesday I added another.

Here are the ads:




In total for those three ads I spent $30.13 and they made me nada. nothing. I’m not overly surprised as I honestly have NO CLUE what I’m doing with facebook ads but I figured I’d give it a shot since each sale had the potential to help me win, even if I spent $16 to get the sale it could have been worth it since the commission on each was between $13.50 and $18.50.

Also I created a video review of the software and how I create the eCovers:

Finally today I also added a ‘Foobar’ to the bottom of my screen:


The point of the banner across the bottom of the site is to capture the attention of any blog post readers. That way I can also promote my unrelated content (because I’m sure people are getting a little tired of hearing about eCovers) and STILL get them in front of my offer for a free workshop bonus when they buy eCover Authority.

From Tuesday on I didn’t push my list too much harder. I figured most people who were going to buy up to that point had bought. I did know, though, that doing a final last-minute push is important because people often do want to buy but also will wait until the very last chance to do so.

So I sent out a few emails from Wednesday to Friday night when the contest ended:


I was kinda surprised my email to a blog post about ‘how to get your Mojo back’ got so many clicks. That one had a reminder about the software and a link to the post. My email with a free graphics download didn’t surprise me with the clicks, because my list loves free downloads when I send them (and I like to do that often to give ’em lots of value)!

On the final day I ended up getting another $171 in commissions.. not bad at all.


On Saturday I found out how I place in the Affiliate Contest:


Seriously. Thrilled.

I was so happy to be in that position after participating in a contest I didn’t even know about the day before. I literally found out about it only 10 hours before it started!

The implications of this kind of success have really had me thinking hard on my direction and where I want to lead my business efforts in the future. I don’t know if you know this but I actually started Marketer’s Mojo back in 2008 in an attempt to be a full-time affiliate marketer. That attempt DID NOT work out as planned and so I got into group coaching – now the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. These days I still love my coaching clients but I am going to be putting some serious effort into affiliate marketing again. It is by far the most passive way to I’ve found to earn income.

Even though I put in a hard week of work promoting… I’m done. I don’t need to maintain a product, I didn’t have to create a product, I don’t need to provide customer support and I don’t have to worry about training on that product. It’s all done by the product creator. Leaving me to go promote the next awesome business product.

The final result of my week’s worth of hard work?

$1064.76 in commissions
$750 in prize money

A new-found appreciation that my list LOVES stuff related to creating graphics for their business!

Update: January 2017 – In 2016 Chad decide to do another sale and run another affiliate contest. I was still keeping busy with my darling girl and instead of re-creating all the promotional content for eCover Authority I REUSED almost everything! I reused the emails I had sent, the video, I set up a replay of the training webinar and I of course reused the ads and graphics I had created. For very little time spent I ended up taking the #4 spot on the leaderboard and winning $200 on top of $612.19 in commissions!


p.s. I hope you’ve found this post helpful, interesting and motivational! If you did would you be a super-awesome doll and share it or comment or both?! Hugs! 🙂

p.s.s. If you want to learn affiliate marketing and get my insider advice on how to do what I did, please sign up here!

Blogging it out…

Like many entrepreneurs, I have a busy mind. A VERY busy mind.

I get excited about a lot of things in business and I could talk about it all freaking day long.

BUT… random talking does not a business make so I have to “quiet my mind” and get to work at times. I work things out by writing them out. When I can get the things in my head out into a typewritten font they suddenly seem a LOT clearer and I can make sense of it.

This works so well that when I’m emailing my coach asking her for advice and help I often end up working through my own issue within the very email, lol!

It’s one of the reasons I think I’ve always been so DRAWN to blogging. I’ve had this secret desire to be a great blogger, all these years. I have friends who blog every single day and make a great living doing it. I never seemed to really give myself permission to fully go for it with blogging.

About a year or two ago I started blogging almost daily. It came about because someone asked me what I WISHED I was doing more of and my answer had been “blogging”. She said “well why don’t you blog more”. I had absolutely no answer to that and no reason not to blog so I started doing it more.

Lately, though, I’ve slacked off again and I don’t like it! Not one bit!

So… I’m back at it. Blogging away.

Blogging it out.

If you’ve ever seen Grey’s Anatomy you’ll know that they “dance it out”. Well this is the internet marketing version. We’re going to “blog it out”.

Now I’m not saying blogging should be random, or pointless. Nope. You should always have a point, a goal, an objective. But I do think blogging can be therapeutic, creative, inventive, useful and a great peek into the real personality and mind of the blogger. I love that. I love that the bloggers I’ve read over the years have bared their souls and shared their minds with me in a way you can’t really get

I love that the bloggers I’ve read over the years have bared their souls and shared their minds with me in a way you can’t really get even from person to person conversations unless it’s someone really close and you spend a lot of time with them.

Blogging… it’s a way to REALLY connect.

To think of the things I’ve bought from bloggers it’s a lot. It’s because the connection and the trust you get from consistently creating content that shows who you are is kinda hard to beat, even with a Facebook Live 😉

Now I love LOTS of marketing methods. I’m not going to suddenly shun the others. But this post is here to tell you I’ll be from now forward “blogging it out” and I want to know if you’d like to join me?

Say yes and and let’s go deep diving into this blogging thing by doing my October Challenge together in the club.

I’m aptly naming my October Challenge the Blogging It Out Challenge and I will be excited to share with you a daily blog-prompt to get you growing your business and blogging great content for your peeps.

My challenges are 10-days long. That’s long enough to make a great impact but short enough that you can get them DONE.

I don’t even have the salespage ready but it will be up soon. I’ll link to it in the challenge section of this page in the next few days. In the meantime, as always, if you join the group before the end of the month you’re going to get in on this month’s challenge and then when the new month arrives you’ll ALSO get that one… so you’ll end up with two challenges before you have to make your second membership payment. Heck of a deal if you ask me!

Can’t wait to connect with you more through this blog and anywhere you find me.

So tell me… will you be “Blogging It Out”?


Create Videos for FREE! (or, for less than $20)

I’m about to become one of your favorite peeps. I’m about to show you how to create videos for your business, for free or super cheap.

You can use these videos to upload to Facebook groups and add value (with permission of course), add to YouTube, email to your list or even create your very own information product to SELL! Yep.

I’m about to give you the FAST TRACK to creating an online business and building a true income from home. For real. You could take this information and run with it… You could make hundreds of dollars as a result, or thousands. It is THAT powerful.

I could have easily turned this into a paid coaching program, and one day I just might. But for now you’ve found a golden nugget that will remove all excuses and stopping blocks holding you back from creating your first product, or next.

Ok let’s start with what you can create and why:

Step 1: Teach Something You Know

“The thing you take for granted someone else is praying for.” Author Unknown

You have skills. You know stuff. You do something better than other people.

What is it?

What can you teach and tell or share and provide value with?

The first video program I ever did was on how to create graphics with Gimp. I had been using the program for a few years and I knew how to use it well. It was a great fit for me to teach and the course was a hit immediately.

Teach what you know. Something that people ask you about or have said you do well. You have MANY of these kinds of things you can teach, you just need to start looking. If you need help brainstorming come on by my free Facebook group and let’s chat about it.

If you need ideas on the KINDS of videos you could and should create, check out these five video creation templates. They are on sale for only $7, which is one heck of a deal:

You could use the Video Listicle, Question & Answer and Killer Content video templates to create an information product.

Step 2: Plan Out Your Content

Look, most people think that you have to make this major program for it to be worthwhile. They think it needs to be four or six modules, take weeks of time and be BIG.

That’s not true.

Sit down and think about what you want to teach and what people need to know to learn it well.

One of my teacher friends told me that everything they teach has an “objective”. When you create modules, or sections or however you break up your content, think of your Objective for every single one. You need an overall course objective. For example for me, my first course objective was to “teach basic graphics skills with Gimp” and then one of my videos would have had the object to “teach how to make a curved line”, for example.

Plan out your course by video, by module, and by overall topic and be sure you have an objective for each.

Step 3: Write Your Content, Add it to Powerpoint

Now you can write out your outline in whatever way makes sense to you… actual paper, a Word document, mindmap, etc.

Then, create slides in Powerpoint. Here’s the MAGIC in this entire tutorial:

You can create VIDEO in Powerpoint. Did you know that? I didn’t. I’m not an avid Powerpoint user and so I hadn’t really explored that until a couple of years ago when a friend told me. And in all honesty, I still haven’t used it to create them but my friend Michelle Schoen and her partner Lon Naylor have an entire training program on it here: Killer Powerpoint Videos. I highly recommend you go to them if you want to learn how to convert powerpoint to video!

While you most certainly create your own video for free if you already have powerpoint, I highly recommend you go to them if you want to up your game and learn how to convert powerpoint to video like a master.

If the training isn’t in your budget yet, just go to Google or to YouTube and you’ll find lots of free info on how to do it. Of course Michelle and Lon will save you tons of time with provide tips and an easy to follow flow but don’t let it stop you if you can’t grab it right of the bat. Matter of fact use it as a motivator to go ahead and create your first income from the free method and then decide if you’d like to invest that income into further training to up your Powerpoint to video game. 😉

I’m going to start using more powerpoint for my own training as I’m craving that polished look and a more structured learning than I’ve done in the past. So when I came across these Powerpoint Templates in my inbox the other day I had to snap them up: Powerpoint Slide Templates << click on “Browse” to see them.

OH and I almost forgot! If you don’t have Powerpoint and are not ready to invest in the full program, you can grab it on a monthly basis (so even just a month or two could do) for only $10/month. Just whip up as many videos as you can in that time and then cancel until you buy the full program (better deal).

Step 4: Get Your Videos to The People! 😉

Now, of course, you should not stop at the creation part, that’s JUST the beginning.

Next you need to go ahead and push that content out.

Whether it’s free content or paid you’re going to need to do the marketing part.

Some suggestions for you…

  • Post to YouTube (yes, still a great place to get exposure).
  • Upload to Facebook.
  • Send to your email list.
  • Offer as a bonus to a colleague for their membership, list, facebook page, etc.
  • Use a free video as an opt-in for your email list.

By the way, if you’re struggling with ideas on HOW to market your free or paid videos, I can help you with that! Join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and we’ll talk strategy.

You’ll be challenged.
You’ll be held accountable.
You’ll learn.
You’ll build relationships.
You’ll be THRILLED with the value!

See you in there 😉









You Think Selling Online is Hard? This was harder…

When my son was a few years old I was desperately searching for a way to work from home so I could be a combo stay at home/work at home mom.

I bought RESP’s for Hayden as my mom had done for me as a baby and the lady who sold them to me told me about the business side of it and how you could make really good money.

So I signed up to sell them. And it was one of the worst “selling” experiences ever. The way you made sales was to go to fairs and shows where kids would be, make free animal balloons for the kids and talk the parents into a signing up for a free draw.

The parents that signed up you later had to CALL on the phone to talk them into an in-person meeting in their home. Then I had to SHOW UP at their door, with my whole talk about why they should buy our RESP package and sell them.

Face to face at their kitchen table. That’s how badly I wanted my own business and income.

Picture yourself doing that for a minute? Would you? Would you want to create your own income (ie. no boss) badly enough to do that?

Good news is now you don’t have to, though. Back then I don’t even think there was Facebook, or it was just getting started with Zuckerburg and his friends.

Last year I got invited to a Facebook party via private message for Jamberry. I thought it was interesting as I’d never been to one. And so I went. It was so cool! Fun games, interaction and a cool product. Of course as someone who’s tried MANY businesses since that RESP one I was watching how it was run from a business perspective, too.

So then this year I came across LipSense. I hadn’t worn lipstick in about 10 years or more. I didn’t really care to wear lipstick (or so I thought) but I became fascinated with the idea that it does not come off.

A few months later I’ve easily sold four figures worth of lipstick and have a team of three people and growing.

There was no standing in a booth, making sales calls or doing in-person sales presentations. Just a strategic Facebook party of posting and having fun.

While I’d never, ever want to do that whole business model EVER again I think it’s pretty awesome to have the kind of perspective I have. Calling someone up and convincing them to meet in person is not easy, and it doesn’t FEEL GOOD to do.  I’m so very passionate about helping people start a business…. be it in SeneGence (the LipSense company) or as a solopreneur (people who I support in my business club).

I’ve been working at home for 10 years now… a real livable, income (not just extra income) and I did it because I tried things, was willing to do what it took and I never stopped looking for the right thing for me.

If you’re desperately seeking a way to stay at home with your kids and you’re willing to do what it takes I can tell you without a doubt it’s so much more fun and easier to find a match with the internet than it was when I got started. And it’s so very possible.

Of course… I’d love to tell you about how to start a business with SeneGence if you’re interested, too. No animal balloon making skills required! 😉







p.s. If this message has inspired you and motivated you to be READY to sell or up your online sales game then we should talk! Hit reply on this email and tell me how we should proceed: Laptop Lifestyle Business Club or SeneGence (LipSense) Team Member info! I’m super passionate about both and I’d love to have a personal chat with you about either if you’re curious and/or interested. Talk soon. MWAH!

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