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Alice Seba:     http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/aliceseba?i=52 

Connie Ragen Green:     http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/conniegreen?i=52

Crissy Herron:      http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/crissy_herron?i=52

Kelly McCausey:     http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/kellymccausey?i=52

Lain Ehmann: http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/lainehmann?i=52

Michelle Schoen:      http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/mschoen?i=52

Nicole Dean:     http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/startnow?i=52

Sarah Santacroce:      http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/Sarah?i=52

Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers:      http://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/go/aff/go/piggymakesbank?i=52

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Want to create your Laptop Lifestyle?
Have you created a monster?
Is this what you thought business would be like?


When you started your business did you imagine what it would be like?

Did you picture having days off whenever you like, time t​o do self-care, days to work from the coffee shop or only ever working on projects you absolutely love?

Many people start their business with a dream and no idea how to get there. So they end up building their business by default instead of by design. As a result your business tends to take over your life instead of allowing you all the incredible, awesome things you started your business for in the first place! 

My friend Angela Wills has seen the ups and the downs of creating an online business. This month (May), she's celebrating 10 years of working from home and decided to host a telesummit to celebrate.

The telesummit is called "Because Life Can't Wait" and if you think that  you're sick and tired of waiting for the right time and you're ready to make NOW you're time, you've got to check out this totally free event.

With nine awesome speakers and spread out over three day you're going to love the inspiration, advice and info you get from this series. You'll hear from the following speakers on the following topics, in a fun and casual interview format:

  • Angela Wills - Tips to Create a Laptop Lifestyle
  • Michelle Schoen - Get Results With Video
  • Crissy Herron - Content Into Profits
  • Connie Ragen Green - Doing What It Takes
  • Lain Ehmann - Why Simplicity Sells
  • Alice Seba - Results-Oriented Content
  • Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers - Using PLR
  • Sarah Santacroce - Getting Clients on LinkedIn
  • ​Kelly McCausey - Overcoming Fear of Making Offers
  • Nicole Dean - Passive Income Streams 

Go here to get signed up, absolutely no cost: Because Life Can't Wait Telesummit

Talk soon!

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