This week, I’m living the “beachie” Laptop Lifestyle

I haven’t taken a single business trip since I bought my house over five years ago, almost six now.

It’s never been possible for me to switch my mindset into investing in travel for business after we invested, majorly, in our home and all that entails. Plus just the time away from my little one, wasn’t the right time.

Those are the things I told myself, anyway…

The mindset work never stops!

But I’m so proud to say I’m headed to the beach for what you’d call a “workcation”, I suppose…

Tomorrow I fly out at 6am while hubby stays home with my little and my teen (but he mostly takes care of himself now).

I won’t even lie and tell you I’m not enjoying the idea of being UNREACHABLE, even if it means I’m just sitting at the airport. This hard-working, work at home mama needs a much-deserved break and I’m getting it! 

Why do I share?

Because this didn’t happen overnight. If you’ve known me you’ll know I’ve scratched and clawed my way through issues that were deep to get to where I am and I have SO MUCH MORE I’m ready to do!

Just to give you some perspective here:

It took me five years to go full-time into business, without the support of a job.

It took me eight years to have my first hit product.

It took me ten years to remove myself from the services business completely and be focused solely on teaching, training & coaching.

It took me FOURTEEN YEARS to even acknowledge that mindset is important and start to work on it, for real.

Guys, this is the LONG GAME…No matter family gets frustrated when they see us struggling!

Sure, I’d love to tell you I got six figures in six months but I can’t and maybe that’s a good thing because I think there are WAY MORE people out there like me than there are not. And I’m here to say this week I’ll be working from the beach, connecting with some of the most awesome ladies I’ve ever met, loving every minute of it and appreciating how HARD I worked to make this happen.

This is for you, this post is for you to share in the hope and the motivation and the love and the light that you CAN do this too. You just need to see the long game, make money in the now and hang on for the ride, because it rocks.

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  Angela Wills

p.s. From the time I started working with a young child close by, people have started asking me how I get so much done. The answer: I’m productive. I know how to get a lot done in a little bit of time, like a lot. My friend and also club member Jennifer Dunham knows how to be productive, too. If you like webinars she’s got a free one on the go on Friday, March 9th at 12:30pm ET… Go here to check it out!

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