Getting Paid to Talk About What You Love (aka Natural Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate marketing is often an afterthought, something to do “later”.

What most people don’t realize, until they do, is that you can incorporate affiliate marketing, naturally, into what you are ALREADY doing and get paid while you build your business, build your list, create your brand and more.

Just share what you love!
Just tell people what’s working for you.
Just tell people what you’re having trouble with.
And get paid for telling your story…

It really does work like that. And it works BEST like that, in my experience.

When I first got started on my blog in 2008 I thought I’d be an “affiliate marketer”.

Of course it sounded AWESOME to just get paid for sending people to buy other people’s stuff. So I threw out a bunch of blog posts about products and told people they should buy them. I even made a terrible site called “Internet Marketing Product Reviews” and thought I’d just throw up reviews and earn money.

But… nothing happened.
no sales
no interaction
no interest

So I threw out more blog posts, added images linked with my affiliate links, sent a bunch of emails saying things like “hey look at this program it looks so cool”… etc.


But it makes sense.

I hadn’t established ANY kind of relationship or readership yet. So essential there was no one listening, no one was even there. And even if they had been listening, making affiliate sales comes down to more than JUST a product review (though they can be mega-helpful to those in “buying mode” and wanting to go over some quick points before they click to purchase). I now love the kind of affiliate marketing that is just built right into what you’re already doing. Add it right in, pop it into things you’ve already created and WHAMMO, you’ve got a profitable strategy! 

Your customers already love you, your readers already respect you, you’ve already build a business and an audience.

That’s why it works so well to just SHARE what you love as you go, with the people who ALREADY know, like and trust you!

Now the key here is to have a very open mentality about yourself and your business. Sharing means being vulnerable and allowing people to get to know YOU. That takes a little practice but it’s soooo freeing when you start getting responses from people WHO thank you for being so real. You’ll love it!

So here’s your step by step:

  1. Find an use products YOU LOVE. Ones that relate to your business and your life. If it serves YOU and you are your target market, then it’s fair game. 
  2. Look for affiliate programs for the ones you love. You can go to Google and type in “XXXX Affiliate Program” (replacing XXXX with whatever it is you love)… I find many programs like that if I can’t just find a link on the bottom of the site. If you can’t find anything you could contact the company or just move along. 
  3. Apply to the affiliate program and wait for your special tracking affiliate link. Then make a special shortlink so you don’t use that ugly, long affiliate link anywhere. 
  4. Share, share, share! Share in blog posts, like a story of what’s happening with you, what you’re using, what works and what makes sense. Sha  re everything, not just the things you’re an affiliate for but of course DO include affiliate links to the ones you ARE an affiliate for. Note: You do need to disclose you are an affiliate when you share your link, legally.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can ONLY promote affiliate offers that are super tightly related to your niche. For example if you sell LipSense (like me), don’t think you have to ONLY promote lip or even face related products! Amazon is a great starter place for all kinds of related physical products. I especially could tell new LipSense distributors who join my team what products I purchased for my business… like my Hot Pink LipSense Bag or the handy Cell Phone Selfie Light I use all the time.

The beauty of this is it’s not out of the way work… build your business and just naturally incorporate the mentions into the things you are doing!

If you’re a business coach, you’ll already be telling people about business building, tools, resources, etc.

If you’re a fitness coach, you’ll be mentioning fitness equipment, apps, software and more.

If you’re a virtual assistant, you’ll be telling clients they need website hosting, email software, project management tools and more.

You see how easy it is to just FIT this right into your business?

Go for it! Add affiliate marketing to your business ASAP and watch your income potential grow. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Talk soon,


Angela Wills

p.s. If you want to REALLY dig into affiliate marketing and get this incorporated fully into your business then I have something awesome for you:

30 Days of lessons like this one, delivered to your email and posted in our active group, so that you learn a little per day about being very profitable with affiliate marketing.

You’ll get the chance to consume and absorb that content and you’ll be given a small, actionable assignment to move you to affiliate sales day after day! It’s so exciting to see my customers taking action on this and have all the training ready for you to review as needed.

Here’s the complete list of what you’ll get:

  • 28 Lessons on affiliate marketing, delivered daily via email and facebook post on course start date.
  • 28 days of easy to do affiliate marketing homework assignments.
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  • My list of affiliate programs that make me money, why I promote them and HOW I promote them (coming Monday).
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  • Two Live Introduction and Q&A webinars to get you motivated and make sure you NEVER get stuck!
  • Webinar Recordings

This is your program if you want to learn NATURAL Affiliate Marketing!

This if for you if you:

  1. Have a business.
  2. Want to add more income to your business without having to create new products or programs.
  3. Can tell people about the stuff you use and love!

Here’s the full list of emails you’ll receive when you sign up:

Module 1: Setup For Success
Day 1: Setting Up For Success
Day 2: How to Find The Best Programs
Day 3: How to Create Pretty Redirects
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Day 5: You got ‘em, you use ‘em
Day 6: Writing Takes Practice
Day 7: Affiliate Marketing Horror Stories

Module 2: Profit-Pulling Content
Day 8: Make Sales Every Time
Day 9: Most Likely to Convert
Day 10: The Real Way to Promote an Affiliate Program
Day 11: The Product Review
Day 12: The Case Study
Day 13: A Catch Up Day
Day 14: An EASY Sunday Challenge

Module 3: Affiliate Marketing
Day 15: Let’s Talk Passive Income
Day 16: The Most Important Affiliate Marketing Tool
Day 17: A Word of Caution
Day 18: Spread the Message Far and Wide
Day 19: Leverage Your Business and Earn More
Day 20: Marketing is EASY When You Do This
Day 21: Catch Up Day and a Link to All Lessons

Module 4: Review, Rinse, Repeat
Day 22: Using Stats to Get More Sales
Day 23: Affiliate Promotions on Autopilot
Day 24: Creating Stuff to Promote Affiliate Offers
Day 25: Adding Bonuses to Get Sales
Day 26: A Catch Up Day
Day 27: Pick Something You’re Excited About
Day 28: We’ve Reached the End

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