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Attention Coaches, Virtual Assistants and Service Providers…

Don’t Wait Until Your Business is ‘Big Enough’ to Start an Affiliate Program, Start an Affiliate Program so Your Business Gets Bigger!

If you can give your motivated affiliates the tools they need you
can rapidly sell more products and grow your business.

money stairs and green plantAbout: Affiliate Management Training Program
Dear Information Product-Seller,

In working with many hundreds of small business owners I’ve found a few things to ring true.


  • Short on time.
  • Slightly frustrated with their efforts to make money online.
  • Looking for help figuring out the best way to increase income without increasing the work.
  • Tired of hearing all the hype and just want the facts!

Running an affiliate program allows you to focus on one clear, realistic goal:

Providing affiliates with the resources they need to promote and increase your business.

Affiliate Programs Are All About Relationships

??????????????In order to have a successful affiliate program, you need to have a great relationship with your affiliates and they need to have a great relationship with the people they are promoting your products to.

The problem most people have when thinking about starting an affiliate program is they don’t know where to start.

At first they feel that the actual software to create an affiliate program is too technical or complicated for them to follow. Then, they worry that they just aren’t a big enough company with flashy products and lots of sales that will attract the big affiliates. So for many business owners an affiliate program is nothing more than wishful thinking, opportunities (and sales) lost, a pipe dream.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

I’ve been there. I get that feeling that you’re little bitty company isn’t going to attract anyone with enough clout to make a difference. I get that worry that you’ll put hours upon hours upon hours for naught when you set up an affiliate program that no one signs up to. I get it. I also got over it, started my own affiliate program and have been profiting from it ever since. You can too! (I can help!)

Let’s run though the things that might be stopping you from starting your affiliate program or providing affiliate management services for clients:

  • Making a decision on what system to choose is too time consuming and confusing!
  • You’re not sure what potential affiliates will need to be successful.
  • You just don’t believe you have the time or ability to set things up properly.
  • Once it’s up you won’t have time to focus on it and you’re not ready to pay an affiliate manager (at $55/hr + plus commissions) just yet. Or, if you’re an affiliate manager you don’t believe people will pay you for the time-consuming tasks an affiliate program launch requires.

Well keep reading because I can help you leave all these challenges in the dust and create your most profitable affiliate program!

Introducing Affiliate Program Mojo!


If you’re ready to build a team of affiliates who are ready and willing to promote your products or your client’s products, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for:

With this program you will be given the tools you need to make it easy to build an affiliate program that gives it’s affiliates what they need to create successful campaigns. Every lesson contains step-by-step information and gets straight to the point… Includes ‘cheat sheets’ of email promotions, reviews, affiliate messages and more that you can just customize and use straight away.

Homework in each module so you stay on track with building your affiliate program. From setting up an affiliate program, to providing the tools affiliates need to recruiting new affiliates, it’s all here…

Here’s What You Get…

1. Weekly Guided Training Videos, Worksheets, Checklists & Guides as Appropriate

1-apmAfter many years of teaching marketing programs on a variety of topics, I’ve realized that just format isn’t always best. I provide the training you need in the format that works best; be it a pdf document, a quick checklist, a thorough video or an mp3 download you can grab and listen to anywhere. Our video training is available all online to watch on your computer and all other documents are available for easy download.

You get access to all materials indefinitely, so you never have to worry about missing out if you can’t cover all four modules in the first four weeks.

2. Email Training Throughout the Course

2-apmI’ve also learned that people absorb training best when they’re guided through it.

That’s why my guided email training sends you to check out the latest module and offers you tips along the way to consume the course you paid your good money for!

3. Weekly Assignments & Personal Email Feedback From Angela

3-apmMost of us learn best by DOING, plus when you do stuff you’re WAY more likely to get actual results. That’s why the assignment section of this course is so very important.

You’ll learn, you’ll get stuff done and then you’ll even get email feedback on a personal level from me, Angela Wills. (worth more than the cost alone!)

4. Private Facebook Group

Network iconsResourceful private client-only facebook group where you can network, ask questions and look for help from the growing community of others who’ve taken the program.

The facebook chat sessions kick off our group training and allow everyone to get to know each other. It creates a fun atmosphere for learning and co-operating to create a great program for you and your customers! You’ll get permanent, ongoing access to this group.

4. LIFETIME REPEATS of all course updates and add-ons.

4-apmOccasionally I’ll offer additional resources, training and updates to help you follow through with the course.

You’re initial purchase will always give you additional free access to these updates.


Module Details…

In Module 1: Getting Your Affiliate Program Set Up,  you’ll learn:


In this module we’ll start at the very beginning and define what an affiliate program is. We’ll look at the different options you have available to you in choosing affiliate software and the benefits or drawbacks of the different choices. We’ll cover the initial setup of an affiliate program, and I’ll walk you through this setup in my favorite affiliate software, Amember. Then, we’ll cover one of the most important parts – the money – and the (surprising) truth about commissions and how to get affiliates to really want to promote you!

business-woman-happyFor Module 1, the customer training and download area will contain:

Easy to Follow Videos to Get Clear on Important Concepts:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Set up Amember as a Shopping Cart & Affiliate System

Thorough Training Lessons to Download, Print and Learn:

  •  Setting Up Your Affiliate Software, 6 pages (pdf)
  • Affiliate Commissions, 3 pages (pdf)


  • Affiliate System Setup Worksheet, 2 pages (pdf & .doc), Includes 12 questions to ask yourself before you pick an affiliate system to setup.
  • Affiliate Commission Payments Worksheet, 2 pages (pdf & .doc)

In Module 2: Tools & Resources for Affiliates, you’ll learn:


Even the most motivated and experienced of affiliates are busy people! The more help, tools and resources you can provide to them to promote your products, the better. In this module we’re going to focus on telling you what to provide your affiliates and how to do it effectively so you get results. We’ll cover how to keep the communication lines open with affiliates so they’re ready and willing to promote your products. Then we’ll talk about how to make your affiliates feel special (and why you should)! You’ll also want to pay close attention to the part on the absolute minimum tools you should have in your affiliate program, you can start there and build on those. Then we’ll cover the kinds of resources that will educate and motivate your affiliates.

?????????????????????????????????????For module 2, the customer training and download area will contain:

Easy to Follow Videos to Get Clear on Important Concepts:

  • The Minimum Affiliate Tools You Need
  • The Personal Affiliate Connection

Training Lessons to Download, Print and Learn:

  • Tools for Affiliates, 7 pages (pdf)
  • Advanced Affiliate Tools, 5 pages (pdf)

Templates & Checklists:

  • Affiliate Welcome Manual Template, 4 pages (.doc). Use this to welcome and train your affiliates. Saves you lots of time creating one yourself!
  • Potential Affiliate Contact Email Swipe Text
  • Emails to Send Your Affiliates (.txt): 1 Welcome Email, 1 Promotional Email, 1 Email Asking for Feedback

In Module 3: Promote Your Affiliate Program, you’ll learn:

3You must focus on promoting your affiliate program if you want it to provide you with an awesome return. That’s why in this module, you’ll learn how to promote your affiliate program. We’ll cover where you should be adding links that people can use to sign up to your program. It’s amazing how many people miss out on opportunities by not having these simple links in place! Then we’ll talk about paying your affiliates and how to attract all the right affiliates with your commission payout and structure. We’ll also cover what you can do to personally invite and entice talented affiliates to join your program.

Woman with one hundred dollarsFor module 3, the customer training and download area will contain:

Easy to Follow Videos to Get Clear on Important Concepts:

  • Where to promote your affiliate program
  • Why you need to pay your affiliates WELL

Thorough Training Lessons to Download, Print and Learn:

  • Inviting Affiliates to Join Your Program, 4 pages (pdf)

Worksheets, Templates & Checklists::

  • Affiliate Recruitment Spreadsheet (.xls)
  • Affiliate Program Promotion Calendar Plan
  • Affiliate Program Promotion Checklist

In Module 4: Motivate Your Affiliates to Promote, you’ll learn:

4Affiliate motivation is important. In this module we’ll discuss important tips and techniques for converting more sales so you keep your affiliates super happy. We’ll talk about how to plan out your promotions and make sure that’s communicated clearly, to help your affiliates get more sales. We’ll cover planning for more growth so your affiliates can keep making money (plus, the one product affiliates LOVE to promote).

Modern business woman shouting through megaphoneFor module 4, the customer training and download area will contain:

Training Lessons to Download, Print and Learn:

  • Salespage Tactics For Making Your Salespages Convert, 5 pages (pdf)
  • Communicating With Your Affiliates, 6 pages (pdf)
  • How to Treat Your Affiliates Like GOLD, 6 pages (pdf)

Worksheets, Templates & Checklists:

  • Salespage Questionnaire & Checklist
  • Complete Affiliate Program Planning Worksheet




Don’t Underestimate The Power of Affiliates

If you’re serious about running a profitable affiliate program then it’s time to get REAL step-by-step information on setting up an affiliate program and providing everything your affiliates need for success!

laptopWho Am I & Why Do I Qualify to Guide You to Greater Affiliate Success?Hi! I’m Angela Wills.Over the last thirteen years I’ve made money on the internet and for about three focused years I helped many successful business owners with their affiliate programs. I even had one affiliate client fly me to Dallas, Texas, to represent her affiliate program at an affiliate training conference. I’ve been running my own successful and profitable affiliate program since 2008, with which I’ve (happily) paid well over five figures out to my own affiliates. I’m always happy to pay affiliates for sales they made because it means I’ve made more money, too!
Some other reasons why you might be interested in taking my training programs:

  • I’ve spent the last thirteen years studying and learning internet marketing and what makes people buy products online.
  • I’ve worked with dozens of clients and hundreds of customers to help them successfully build their affiliate programs – this gives me the unique perspective to see inside the businesses of people who have it right and people who have it all wrong! I bring this knowledge to you.
  • I’ve built up my own team of affiliates who’ve promoted my courses to the tune of many (more) thousands of dollars of sales over the course of a year.
  • I’ve paid out almost $30,000 in affiliate commissions over the last few years.
  • I’ve been featured as a guest ‘tech’ expert on an hour-long tv show for women, been interviewed on numerous talk radio shows, featured in a few print books on working at home and more!

Here’s another testimonial about my affiliate training:

“I just wanted to tell you how much I am learning from the affiliate classes. They are just the perfect length for me to absorb the material and put it into action. You know I have told you this before but you write very clearly and it is so easy for me to understand the tools and the materials I need to create to get my clients (or my own) info-projects promoted.

The swipe files you include have come in very handy to give me the foundation I need to build upon and I really appreciate all the examples you provide from your own affiliate site. I am now just starting to go through all the material for a second time in order to complete the homework assignments as I think they will really reinforce what I am learning. I am pleased to say I was the first one who signed up because I knew you would deliver something awesome!

Hope all is going well 🙂

Best Regards,”

Michele Schoen, Learn Camtasia

😀 Yes, Angela! I’m Ready to Boost My Business Bigtime With a Profitable Affiliate Program!…
ecover-apm-fullI’m ready and excited to create and start building my affiliate program.I know it’s going to take work, but I’m up for it! I’m completely ready to build a truly successful business and live the freedom lifestyle that comes from building a rock solid business that affiliate partners will be incredibly proud and motivated to promote!I understand by ordering below, I’ll receive the following:

  • Introductory LIVE Webinar on Monday, July 6th at 9pm ET (Replay Available)
  • Weekly Guided Training Videos, Worksheets, Checklists & Guides as Appropriate
  • Email Training Throughout the Course
  • Weekly Assignments & Personal Email Feedback From Angela (worth more than the cost alone!)
  • LIFETIME REPEATS free for all live bonus training sessions.


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p.s. I’ve heard people say they don’t think they’re big enough to start an affiliate program or that they’re products aren’t good enough or they won’t be able to get the big time marketers to promote them. Bull!!! Keep telling yourself these things if you prefer to stay where you are, or start your affiliate program NOW so you can partner with some really cool people who will promote your stuff. Time to sign up now and start attracting good affiliates – click here.