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Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program!

About Laptop Lifestyle Business Club Affiliate Program

The first thing you need to know about the LLBC affiliate program is that it is completely free to join.
The next thing goes without saying but just in case: Absolutely no spamming with your affiliate link.

We pay a commission on every sale you make through our affiliate program. The commissions are as follows:
Coaching Programs – 30% Commissions
Self-Study Information Products – 50% Commissions
Membership – 50% Monthly Recurring Commissions

How to Sign Up

It’s easy to sign up for my affiliate program. Start by visiting the following link and filling out your information:
Affiliate Signup Link Here

How to Make Money as An Affiliate

Once you are signed up as an affiliate there are many ways that you can begin making money by promoting the program.

You make money as an affiliate by using the affiliate link that is created specifically for you when you sign up for the affiliate program. Our affiliate system tracks your link and credits your affiliate number with any sales that result from the promotions you have done.

Weekly Payments:
I pay weekly for the amount you’ve earned as an affiliate.

Here are just a few ideas on how to get started promoting the program:

Send a Message to Your Email List – Since your list already knows, likes and trusts you they are very likely to take your recommendation.

Include a Link on Your Website – There are many places on your website that you could include a link promoting the course. From your links page, as a text ad, or even within the text of a relevant article are all good places for adding in an affiliate link.

Blog About the Program – If you have a blog then it would be ideal to offer a review of our product. Another idea is to create a post offering some information about what the product offers and why you recommend it.

In Your Email Signatures – Your email signature is a perfect place for your affiliate link. Whenever you are corresponding with a client or potential client through email you will be subtlety recommending the course through the link in your signature.

These ideas should get you started.

The opportunities for promotion are literally endless and as your commission checks grow so will the ideas you have for getting the word out about the program.

How the Affiliate Program Works

You will be able to login to the affiliate center where you can obtain your affiliate links. The login is here: Affiliate Login
Use the User Name and Password that you were sent in your welcome email.

Inside our affiliate area you will see a few sections of interest:

Text Affiliate Links – These links will be customized with your unique affiliate ID. All you need to do is copy/paste/promote.
Summary Reports & Custom Reports – Get reports on your commissions earned, number of visitors you’ve sent, the rate at which they’ve converted or you can create your own customized reports.

If you would like to grab other affiliate tools and resources, please visit the affiliate site here:
Affiliate Links Here

For More Information

If you have an questions about the affiliate program feel free to contact me at or message me on facebook here. I am here to support my affiliates 110% as you are my business partners!

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