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Dear Virtual Assistants, Coaches and Other Service Providers,

If you’re like most people, you’re probably really excited about the idea of promoting great products that have been created by others and earning part of the money, but then – you send out an email and no one buys.

And to make matters worse, everything seems to be holding you back from making great affiliate commissions within your online business:

  • You don’t know how to send out marketing messages that make sales.
  • You definitely don’t have time to start a new ‘niche’ website to create another stream of income.
  • You don’t want to seem like your forcing products on your clients and customers that they don’t want to buy.

Affiliate Marketing Seems Pretty Hard Until You ‘Get It’

You’re disappointed, feel like you might never get affiliate marketing and wonder if you should give up trying.

And it’s not for lack of trying, it’s just that throwing an affiliate banner on your website, popping a few links into an email and blogging about it never seem to work.

These techniques DO work, but you have to match your message to your market and you have to do it well.

What if I told you I could teach you how to:

  • Do affiliate marketing successful in the business you already run, with the marketing you already do?
  • Learn to craft marketing messages that get attention and make sales?
  • Naturally add affiliate offers into your business in a way that makes the buying decision easy for your customers.
  • How to think like your target market so you know what they’re going to need and when they’re going to need it.

Would you be open to learning that and adding an amazing new income stream to your business?

You’ll Need to Learn to ‘Think’ Like Your Target Market

The problem with the last technique is that most people have a very hard time thinking like their target market. Even if you ARE your target market, you likely find it difficult to put yourself in their shoes and follow through with content that they actually need at the time they need it.

That’s why today, I’m thrilled to announce the training and coaching program ‘Affiliate Marketer Mojo’.

My name is Angela Wills and over the last 15 years I’ve worked with hundreds of online business owners to help them build websites, market their lists, create affiliate programs, make awesome graphics and more.

I’ve taught people to earn affiliate commissions promoting other people’s products and I’ve earned thousands and thousands of commissions promoting other’s products myself.

Introducing Affiliate Marketer Mojo

And my new “Affiliate Marketer Mojo” program means that for a one-time reasonable fee, you get access to webcasts, extensive training materials and personal email support to help you create an awesome income stream with affiliate marketing.

Unlike all the other Internet Marketing training programs out there that offer you a webinar a week with pre-determined training and no opportunity for personal support, “Affiliate Marketer Mojo” is all about learning to earn affiliate commissions and never getting stuck because you have an expert by your side the whole time.

Let’s take a look at how Affiliate Marketer Mojo helps you succeed in your affiliate marketing efforts.

Here in more specific detail, is what this program reveals:

  •  How to promote products, without seeming like you’re promoting products, and sell them in the natural flow of what your people need.
  • How to always have affiliate links on hand, so promoting comes easily as you are working on your business.
  • How to integrate affiliate marketing into what you’re already doing, so you don’t create a ton more work, just more money.
  • How to find affiliate programs you promote once, and get paid over and over for! That’s TRUE passive income.
  • And if you ever have any questions, my email support will make sure you never get stuck!

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for this course:

1. Step by Step Training on Add Affiliate Marketing to Your Business

This helpful training is delivered in our private customer area and is permanently available for you to access over the lifetime of the course (which means as long as I sell and maintain it, which is usually for many YEARS). This training will be available in a suitable combination of self-study videos, audios and PDF training. You’ll also get handy (and IMO invaluable!) resources lists, checklists, worksheets and templates to use to create your own program which are based on what has worked for me.

2.  Quick assignments designed to teach you the principals delivered in the training.

With each module you’ll be delivered a set of assignments to complete designed to teach you important skills or techniques and to get you making PROGRESS. I do not believe in selling you something to contribute to any virtual hording issues you may posses – I DO believe in selling you something to contribute to your success! That’s why we have assignments 😉

3. Resourceful private client-only facebook group where you can network, ask questions and look for help from the growing community of others who’ve taken the program.

4. Printables, Resources, Checklists & Worksheets

Not only do you get training but you get materials designed to help you TAKE ACTION!


Here’s what people are saying about our service:

“Angela is truly a Rockstar! coach and teacher! She makes things so easy and doable and breaks things done so that anyone can follow the steps she gives on whatever she is teaching on.”     Erica Rueschhoff

“I’m blown away by your willingness to over-deliver in your products – and the high quality of information you provide.”     Dave Pumfrey

Here’s the Breakdown of What You’ll Learn in Each of the Four-Weeks of The Program


angela-sparkle About Angela Wills, Freedom Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer

First off I think it’s important you know I’ve been teaching business owners like yourself online marketing and website setup since 2006 when I started my own Virtual Assistance business. At that time my clients would ask me many questions about building their own businesses and I was happy to offer my advice and suggestions.

From there, in 2008, I started Marketer’s Mojo. I launched my first group coaching program in 2010 and since then have coached hundreds of people on topics ranging from website design, graphics creation, email marketing, affiliate programs and more. While that is my main business, I knew how important it was to have multiple streams of income so I promote other people’s products from the beginning of launching Marketer’s Mojo. I incorporated affiliate offers into my blog posts, my email marketing, my videos and even inside my own products.

As a result of that early and continued efforts, I enjoy some really nice affiliate commissions on a pretty regular  basis. Here are some examples:affiliate-commissions


coachglue indiebizchicks

I absolutely LOVE waking up in the morning with email notices of more sales, just as much as I love teaching other people how to do the same. If this sounds appealing to you, then I can’t wait to work with you and help you achieve the same sort of results!

Wondering If This Program Is For You?

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here this program is NOT for someone who only wants to create niche affiliate sites, spending their time seeking out the hottest niches or doing keyword research until they’re blue in the face.

This program IS for:

  • Coaches, Speakers and Authors who want to incorporate affiliate marketing into what they already do to earn more with the same traffic.
  • Virtual Assistants and Service Providers who would love to get time-leverage so they need to work less hours for dollars type of work.
  • Information Product Sellers who would like to promote relevant offers within their products to get an immediate raise without working harder.

If you want to start pulling in sales and receive a steady flow of income (like I do!) from other people’s products online, just click the “Add To Cart” button below this video.

Look you’ve struggled to make the sales and income that could make a real tangible difference in your life for long enough.

Now’s the time to finally put an end to all your frustration and disappointment in affiliate marketing by simply signing up, completing the course home and taking serious steps towards affiliate income that supports the life you want to live.

I absolutely love it when I wake up in the morning with affiliate sales notices in my inbox….

Imagine opening your email inbox every morning and seeing notifications from your favorite product creators who want to pay YOU for the work you did to send them customers!

So go ahead and sign up for Affiliate Marketer Mojo now and let’s get you started today.

What You Get at Affiliate Marketer Mojo:

  1. Guided Training – Four weekly guided lessons including video training, emails and resourceful pdf downloads.
  2. Purposeful Assignments – Each week you will be assigned a task to complete to move forward with your learning.
  3. Personalized Help – Four weeks of personal email feedback after you complete your assignment.
  4. Access to our private Marketers Mojo Coaching Clients facebook group.

Sign up now!


IMPORTANT: There are no refunds on this program as it involves my personal time and I can’t get that back, either. Please be certain this program is for you by reading the sales page carefully.