About The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

I LOVE community.

When I got started online I sought out my own little community that I joined and paid for even though the monthly payment STUNG for me as a single mom of a little one.

It stung so much, in fact, that I dropped out of the group two times before I could get myself in regular payment mode and stick around for good!

That group is long since gone but the community from there has paid me back in so many untrackable ways that it was a priceless thing! For real. Let me TRY to tack some of the ways a paid membership community paid off for me:

  • FRIENDS… there are at least one or two DOZEN people that I became friends with back in 2005-ish that I am still friends with today. I have partnered with them, promoted them, they promoted me and we have made plenty of money together!
  • TRAINING – I learned how to build a website in that group, how to do a lot of graphics things, how to write good copy. Being part of a membership that also had training was super valuable and is STILL paying me back all these years later
  • COOPERATION – As I mentioned we partnered together and made money together. That happened back then, all the time in between and still happens today.
  • MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION – When I think back to how inspiring it was to see people I knew and trusted and believed telling me they were making money, getting results, building their list and more it was just so incredibly valuable!

That community was special. It was VERY special! I have NEVER seen it in another FREE group, EVER… even though there are some GREAT free groups.

And it has 1000% been the inspiration in how I created the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. It is what I aimed to created and I’ll be damned if I haven’t recreated what I loved so much!

The LLBC (for short) has:

  • FRIENDS – I 100% have seen people from the club friend up outside the group and do stuff together. I am so proud people are making those connections
  • TRAINING – I’m so excited to be including the Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer course ($147 regular price) in with membership this month. That’s on top of the Webinar List-Building Action Plan. You will get training in club, an it’s based in action so you get results.
  • COOPERATION – I’m also pumped to have just added a Member’s Giveaway Event for September. That means that we will be co-operating as a group to build our lists! This is going to be awesome. Look for it if you are a member or not.
  • MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION – It’s always motivating to see our awesome members taking the action plan challenge and getting it done. Not only do they get it done, they are getting QUICK results!

You can sign up for one year today for $333 or monthly for $37/month and those prices go up to $497/year and $47/month after today. Join the club here.

I hope to see you on the other side!

 Angela Wills

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