Welcome to the 30-Day Distraction Challenge.

HiĀ and welcome to the challenge. I’m Angela Wills. I LOVE helping people just like you get everything they want out of life through total business and lifestyle freedom.

That starts by getting shit done! And that is EXACTLY what we’re going to do in this challenge.

This email is longer than most you will receive. We are starting with your first steps to success here and then Day 1 Lesson is below.

So here are your steps to take now:

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Get ready to FOCUS. I suggest you start by listing what currently distracts you (about 99% of people can easily say Facebook) and deciding that you are going to ONLY allow that at certain times instead of letting it be a free-for-all distraction anytime, anywhere!

Expect to hear from me daily. I’ll be sending you short, fast tips to help you avoid distractions.

I’m excited! I need this JUST as much as you do so I’ll be there, by your site, taking this challenge. I can’t wait to see what happens to my own business when I take 30 Days to develop a habit I intend to carry me through to long-term results.

It’s only 30 Days!

Angela Wills